Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sick of the whole ARod story

Actually the headline isn't right. The headline should read I'm sick of the whole steroids story. Now don't take what I'm about to say as me saying that it was ok for these guys to use performance enhancing drugs. Because I don't for a second think it was ok. But at the time that most of them were using, the league was essentially turning its head on the action.

And let's face the facts, drugs or not Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds, along with some of the others were great baseball players. They might be jerks. They might be bad people. But they were great baseball players with or without the substances. And since MLB was doing nothing at the time about it, I don't think you can turn around and punish these guys now.

So let's move forward. Let's punish the guys who cheat now. Let's admit that there was an era in baseball that all the numbers should have asteriks beside them. And if you want to say that Henry Aaron is still the home run king, I won't really argue with you. But when you say that let's remember that baseball wasn't doing anything to prohibit Bonds from cheating. Instead, in some ways it was almost encouraging it.

So let's quit going back in time and let's continue to move forward. Let's stop looking back. The system is in place now to make this a clean game. It wasn't in place at the time that all of this controversy was taking place. The issue has been addressed. Let's move forward and play the games, on the same level playing field.

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