Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No suspensions from RMU incident

Edited at 12:09 with recent developments from Pittsburgh

The Latest

The incident involves 4 Robert Morris basketball players including NEC player of the year Jeremy Chappell, Ron Robinson, Mezie Nwigwe and Velton Jones being involved in an off-campus incident over the weekend. The news report says Nwigwe was the only player charged at this time.

All were cleared by head coach Mike Rice to play earlier this morning until an investigation into the incident is complete.

We'll have more as we hear anything.


  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

    "until an investigation is complete" seems to be code for "after the season is over."

  2. Anonymous9:36 PM

    NEC officials need to know there will be consequences for Coach Rice NOT dealing with this and obviously drooling at the prospect of getting to the NCAA tournament. First of all, they will NOT win anyway. Remember when Milan suspended Jeremy and Kelly just for a dorm incident? This is the difference between an institution with moral values and RMU. Too bad, RMU, you LOSE either way.