Sunday, March 15, 2009

Selection Sunday Thoughts

....For my Orange fans out there, expect Syracuse to be a 4 or a 5 seed. I'm thinking four, but it could be a five. And with that said, expect them to be in Carolina's bracket. Because it's extremely likely that Pitt, UCONN and Louisville will be the other three #1's. If that is the case they can't play any of those teams until a regional final - so they'll go in the other bracket. Also consider, that even if one of the Big East three is replaced as a one, it will be by Memphis. That would mean the Orange could go into the bracket. But the Orange and Tigers played during the regular season and the committee does try to avoid rematches.

....Teams on the bubble have to be rooting hard for Tennessee today. The Vols play Mississippi State with the SEC automatic at stake. The Bulldogs aren't getting in without a win, so a win takes one at-large away from the bubble teams as the Vols are a lock to play next weekend. So the bubble becomes less forgiving with a Bulldogs win. Could the Bulldogs hold Auburn's fate in their hands. That is the simple way for the committee to handle it. Put Auburn on the line, unless MSU wins and then replace them. Or is it Maryland, St. Mary's, Creighton or Penn State, that is in only with a Tennessee win?

....Not sure I understand the bracketologist's infatuation with St. Mary's. Maybe they deserve to be in. I really can't say yes or no. But at the beginning of the week, most "experts" had them out. Now the field has seemingly shrunk with the A-10 winner and a few other conference surprises and they are in in most projections. All they did was beat Eastern Washington on a neutral floor. I don't get it.

....I'm still expecting the Mount to get a bid. Not sure if they would be considered for the CBI or not. But the collegeinsider seems to be the tourney the Mount would choose if they get an invite and don't get in the NIT. Makes some sense.

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  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Where's the love for the MOUNT?

    They gettin' a home game?