Saturday, March 07, 2009

Waiting for Sunday Night

I like the NEC Tournament's practice of playing games at home. I think it gives things a wonderful atmosphere. Plus it rewards the teams that played well during the regular season.

Problem is...I just hate the time between the games. It seems like the next round will never get here.

But people are excited about tomorrow night. I've got folks calling me and asking if they can still get tickets or if it's a sellout. I hope its a sellout. But I'm guessing seats are still available. I'm also hoping the student section is a bit more fiesty and filled then it was on Thursday.

Three champions punch tickets today. And we wish the best to former Mount point guard Cliff Warren as he tries to lead his Dolphins of Jacksonville into the NCAA tournament. The Dolphins regular season champs in the Atlantic Sun play East Tennessee State.

The other two champions will come out of the Big South and the Ohio Valley. Radford opposes Virginia Military Institute in the Big South duel, while Austin Peay faces Morehead State in the OVC.

The RPI numbers of all of those teams are not quite as good as either Robert Morris or the Mount, in case you were wondering.

Cornell, which wrapped up the Ivy last night (and a bid), is right in line with the NEC twosome on the RPI rankings. My guess is the Ivy champ ends up a higher seed then whoever comes out of the NEC.

I may live blog during the 1st NEC semi tomorrow - or something of the sorts, but we'll see what gets done between now and then.


  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Spring break ends - students will be there, but they will have to go a long way to match the excitement level of Thursday night.

  2. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Vermont lost; America East tourney champ will have lower RPI than NEC winner.

  3. I saw that, what a day it has been in the A East - with UMBC winning as well. Binghamton survived Hartford and will face the UNH/Stony Brook winner. UNH leads late. That winner probably has to get the Bearcats on a neutral site, because you figure the conference champ will win on its homefloor playing either of today's upset winners next weekend.