Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tids and Bits

There isn't a real whole lot going on right now - at least not newsworthy stuff. This is/was a very crucial time in the recruiting game. I heard from some good reliable sources that the Mount was out working extremely hard and was in on some very good kids. Now the key is to convert on those contacts and get a few of them playing at Knott Arena.

As far as the incoming class goes, I think there are still a lot of questions. Prescott is probably the only real known factor. He played very well for an improving Marist team in the MAAC, and was solid most of the year. We have no idea what happened to his minutes at the end, but we assume that is why he transferred.

Rashad Whack is a guy who people rave about his talents. But for whatever reason it didn't work out at Mason. This could be an extremely good fit for him with the situation he'll come into and the philosophy that Coach Burke employs.

Both of those guys are ineligble this year due to transfer rules.

Chad Holley and Taylor Danaher are the reported scholarship players. Perhaps I missed it, but Holley has never been formally announced by the school. And with the transfers and Danaher coming in, I just wonder if there is something I'm missing there. Perhaps not. Holley is a NY guard who spent a year at a prep school and should fare well in this conference.

Kelvin Parker is York High School's all-time leading scorer. He's enrolling at the school this fall. The York newspapers reported Parker's commitment and signing at the Mount as if it was a scholarship event. Sources close to the Mount have told me that Parker will not be on scholarship this year. Makes me think he's something of a "recruited walk-on" and could be a red-shirt candidate. But that is all purely my speculation. Either way Parker was a total dominant force at the high school level and area high school coaches expect him to have a very good college career.

As far as the schedule is concerned. I really know nothing but it isn't for lack of trying. So I'm going to let you know again what I do know, what I think is there and what could possibly fill it.

What I know: The Mount opens the season November 11th at Marquette. The Mount plays two NEC home games in December - versus Long Island and St. Francis NY. I believe the dates are 12/1 & 12/3. The longtime series with Loyola is continuing - and that game will be at the ARCC.

What I think: Pretty sure that the Mount is not part of an exempt event this year, so the schedule will shrink by 3 games. There are still a few unknown exempt spots out there, but they are dwindling, so it doesn't seem likely at all. I expect the Navy series to continue, which would be in Annapolis. Albany owes the Mount a game, so I expect to see them. I also have a hunch that American will stay on the schedule, but I'm not so sure about that. *UPDATED - Per the Washington Examiner, the Mount will host American on December 28th, TBA.

What could happen: If I am right about the above it would leave the Mount with 5 open games. I'm expecting the Vermont and Niagara series to end - and I know the Mount was looking for a home and home series to start in Emmitsburg. There is also that game from two years ago that Siena never returned. If it doesn't happen this year, I'll stop talking about it. It wouldn't surprise me if Princeton makes an appearance on the schedule in the near future. There are still three large money games that would need to be replaced or renewed. Or possibly switched with a game with a more competitive team.

Also I got a nice email from a reader, always like those and you can reach me at thefanblog@gmail.com, stating that he wasn't sure if I ever mentioned that Karon Abraham, Robert Morris' star and the NEC newcomer of the year two years, was suspended for the entire 2011-12 season. Not sure I ever did mention it, but if I did, let's mention it again. Abraham, who missed four games in 2010-11 due to team rules violations, will be gone for the whole season this year for the same type of infractions. Be interesting to see if he ever plays another game for the Colonials. Robert Morris opens the season at St. Peter's.

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