Friday, May 04, 2012

Happy for Parker - Happy for Program

Kelvin Parker earned what he got earlier this week. The freshman walk-on from York PA, deserved the scholarship he was awarded and it didn't take long for the new coaching staff to realize it.

2011-12 was a year where there weren't many bright spots. But Parker, whom you didn't expect much from early because of his status, quickly became one. You could also see development and improvement throughout his freshman season. He averaged 12 points and nearly 6 rebounds a game over the last ten games as he played his best basketball.

That left a lasting impression on those who saw him play this year and it also made an immediate impression on the new coaching staff. With JaColby Wells graduating the staff could have used the scholarship on more new blood. But they made the right decision and chose someone who has worked hard and has the dedication to want the program to move forward. Parker showed that this year.

The comment from Jamion Christian about Parker in the Mount press release of the move solidified my belief that Christian is the right guy for this job.

"Anytime you get a chance to reward someone who has done everything the right way and put in the long hours towards excellence, it is a gratifying feeling for everyone involved," said Christian.  "Kelvin's tremendous dedication to Mount St. Mary's and his ability to help us move into the top part of the league became evident last season.  We are very excited to have him as a part of our family and are looking forward to many great things for him both in the classroom and on the basketball floor.  We strive to be a program that constantly rewards those who do the right thing and who exemplify everything it embodies to be a proud member of our family."

Every Mount fan that I've talked to agrees that Parker deserves it and is genuinely happy for him.

Looking forward to three more solid seasons from Kelvin and that NEC Championship he talked about in the York Newspaper article linked below.

I'm excited for Kelvin. I'm excited for the program. Feels good to be a Mount fan once again.

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