Thursday, May 10, 2012

Next Stop: Emmitsburg

6 foot 7 inch Christian Crockett, who will join Mt. St. Mary's in the fall, wrapped up his high school career shining in the Houston Area Basketball Coaches All Star games. A total of 21 Division I signed players took part in the event, including ten in the game in which Crockett participated.

Crockett scored 21 points for the West team which fell to the South 134-130. Josh Gray and Michael Carey, both who are headed to Texas Tech in the fall led the South to the victory. John Gillon, Arkansas Little-Rock, was also a huge part of the win scoring 19 points in the second half, knocking down 5 three-pointers.

Seven players were in double figures for the West, including Crockett. Richard Benedyth (Northwest Florida Community College) led the team with 29 points, while Stephen F Austin signee Trey Pinknee was also in double figures.

This is more good news for Mount basketball. The Houston Area is always talent rich - and seems to have gone above that this year - to know that Crockett excelled in a showcase of the Area's talent is encouraging. Also encouraging to know that Crockett performed in a game that was as up and down as the 134-130 score must indicate.

Just a little side note, I don't think I'd want to be at practice the next day, if a Coach Christian team surrendered 130+.

Either way, this continues to be an exciting time in what normally is a pretty down time regarding news and notes for Mount basketball. Can't wait for them to jump it up for real in the fall.

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  1. What a BEAST Crockett will be!! Yes, msot of the newcomers are a blessing to be able to have next year. However, the trio of Whack, Crockett, and Wiggins, is likely one of the 3 best new trios int he entire East. I apologize to ceratin supporters, but the only recruit that I have a lot of skepticism about is the Patriot -league material, Danaher. I just do not see where he comes close to the rest. He is simply going to have a lot of proving to do in order to alter my prognostication. Then again perhaps he becomes better with the more talented competition in practice- I sure hope. This is also Raven's year to shine. It is way past the time for him to bring out his inner Beast as well!! When he plays aggressive, he is a true force. Unfortunately his tentativeness seems to prevail the majority of time. Well, just maybe and hopefully Raven has been whipping Danaher into shape the past few years, lol.