Wednesday, March 06, 2013

So Much to be said

Several observations in the aftermath of the big victory over Bryant in the NEC Tournament on Wednesday night.

  • The season has truly been fun. It's been a joy to watch this team fight through adversity, grow and keep getting better. But it's just great to actually play games that matter. Games that make you get that knot in your stomach when the clock hits 10 minutes tonight.
  • The five points at the end of the first half for Bryant were the only time I was really worried all night. I don't think the Mount played its best, but even while trailing most of the first half, I thought the win would come. But those last five points are the first half were a bit troubling.
  • Shivaughn Wiggins continues to play within himself and find ways to score. His insertion into the lineup and him driving to the basket has made others play that way as well.
  • Big Kudos to Raven Barber tonight. Haven't been many games this year where he's had as big of night as he had tonight. 14 points on 8-of-8 free throw shooting. Just a fabulous night.
  • The Mount made 26-of-27 free throws tonight. All of a sudden this team, which is not a good foul shooting team has 2 of the best free throw nights in Mount history.
  • Rashad Whack's shot selection can be questioned now and again. But get his shoulders square and he knocks down some big shots. A couple huge ones tonight.
  • Sam Prescott is averaging 25 per game in his last two versus Bryant.
  • It's hard watching games where the announcers are employed by the opposition. However, in the end I thought the Bryant duo gave the Mount credit for the win.
  • Survive and advance in March is all you can ask for. It wasn't pretty tonight. But this team showed it believes in itself and won a tough game in a hostile environment. 
  • Saturday will be fun. Enjoy it Mount fans.

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  1. I love the fact that the players are playing as a team. When Whack took some questionable shots, none of his teammates dropped their shoulders as if to say,"why did you do that?". All of them played on. The guys coming off the bench are doing their part. Kudos to the coaches for changing the offensive plays in the second half. Great win!

  2. Don't misinterpret what I'm saying about Whack. He takes some poor shots, but without that freedom he'd never have the opportunity to take the good ones. And he always seems to knock down the ones we really need. It's sort of like the defense. Yes there are open layups given, and I cringe at each one, but you've got to remind yourself that it's all for the greater good.

  3. Anyone going to the game on Saturday?

  4. I am trying to get off from work. If I do I am leaving from Fredericksburg.

  5. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Wiggins starting to look a bit like McGuthrie!