Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sports Can Be Cruel

Long Island won its third straight NEC title with a 91-70 win over the Mount in Brooklyn. The Mount built an early 8-point lead but struggled mightily against the Blackbird zone defense.

CJ Garner continued his masterful play for LIU with a 31-point effort.

The loss snapped a nine game Mount winning streak as the Mounties attempted to be the first NEC team to win an NEC tournament playing all three games on the road.

Unfortunately, the run was stopped one win short of an NCAA tournament berth.

I'm a mix of emotions right now, extremely proud of the season that this group gave us, disappointed that the performance wasn't better tonight, to just flat out sad that there is no game to be thinking about tomorrow.

This Mount team is going to be remembered for awhile. Unfortunately endings don't write themselves.

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  1. As an LIU fan and follower of most fan blogs in the league I would like to congratulate The Mount and their fans. Yes you're legs grew weary as the game and the mileage went on, but your heart and determination did not. All involved should be extremely proud of the gutsy effort that the guys put out the last half of the season. This group actually reminds me of a young LIU squad 4 years ago, they put up points and have some talent coming back. Coach did a great job, fans you better start to fundraise.... Bc if you want to keep your coach, your gonna need to pay him.

  2. Raff,
    I heard MSM got invited to either CBI or CIT, is any of this true?