Monday, March 17, 2014

Not all Alums impressed with Athletic Success

I received an email from Bernie Jacobs, Class of 1950 in my inbox yesterday. He wrote again today and asked that I post it for the readers of the Mount FanBlog. So here it is - in the cut and paste form - for all of you to read. The opinions are his own and do not represent the MountFanBlog in any way. The comments section always welcomes your opinions.

I am a graduate of the Mount Class of my day the Mount teams were
Winners in the Mason Dixon Conference...I applaud the recent win in the
Basketball title game.....however, I am not too excited about a .500 team going to the
Big dance.
The Mount's claim to fame is winning the Div 2 national basketball title in 1962...
In the mean time we have not excelled in any major sports.
We are losers in which, in my opinion, due to our location...the
Heart of Maryland Lacrosse...where many of the Catholic High Schools...excel
In the sport...yet we cannot recruit players who would make us winners.

In academics &  facilities the Mount has made tremendous strides and is recognized
As a top-rated liberal arts University.  It seems to me that we, students & alums
Should  demand the same from the Athletic department and Coaches..if the English
Department had the same performance as the Athletic Department...there would
Be a replacement of those in charge....why do not we expect the same from the
Athletic Department?
I have a winter home in Naples Fl...I saw what effect the FGCU Basketball team
Had on the community and school when they went to the sweet 16 in the NCAA
Tourney.....their games are sold out...the student applications increased by 35%
After they got to be known as"dunk city" and this University has been in existence
For about 10years.
If you as present students accept that the Mount should continue as "losers"
Then so be it....if you alums accept the same fact then we will continue to be
Regarded as "losers" in the 2 major sports... Basketball & Lacrosse...
If you don't want to be a connected  with a University that is considered athletic
Team losers then do something...just do not accept being tabbed as "losers"
Bernie Jacobs The Great Class of 1950

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