Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Streaming Thoughts About the NEC Champions

  • I'm about sick already of hearing how this team doesn't deserve to play in the NCAA. This team deserves it. They set the rules a long time ago, and the rules said win the Conference Tournament and you're in. That's decided by the League. The League might not always get it right (see Saturday afternoon only start times). But that's the rule. And if you have ever had the chance to spend some time with Jamion Christian, you will quickly learn, he's got a plan for everything. Do you think there's no explanation why the Mount record in March is 7-1 since Christian starting coaching? If you think that sample size is too small how about 18-6 in February & March? Exactly, when the games matter the most, this team has excelled. And there wasn't a day since last year's championship game, when Christian didn't believe last night's result was in the works.
  • With all of that said, I do think the Mount is going to Dayton. Too many times this year, they did let easily attainable wins get away. And it's caused the RPI to stay high because of the win percentage component. Nobody expects the Mount to go 25-5 with the schedule they play. But had they been 20-12 - (you are all smart enough you can find 4 wins) they'd be in the low 100's and a potential 13 or 14 seed. The early season injuries prevented this team from being consistent early and led to some of those losses. But the plan is in place to get this program an NCAA Tournament win beyond the First Round.
  • After having no one selected to the All-NEC regular season 1st team, the Mount had 3 on the All-Tournament team. No surprise it was the three seniors. When those three play well, this team is really good. Rashad Whack was sensational in the playoffs. He should have earned the NEC Defender of the Year, but the Tourney MVP title will fit. Norfleet, might in fact be the most valuable player on the team. His ability to shift from the off guard to the lead guard last season was what started all of the this. Prescott sometimes gets shuffled to the side. But he shouldn't. He might be the most important player of the group. He takes on any role he's asked to take on, and he does it with tremendous efficiency.
  • Taylor Danaher was the butt of a lot of jokes from some commentors here and other areas of the internet.when he redshirted his freshman year. And even when he's on the floor in Knott Arena, he might hear a thing or two that isn't nice. But the guy has really developed this year. His ability to alter shots at the back end of the defense has been a reason the Mount half court defense has been so much better the last month and a half. And last night his improving offensive game was sensational.
  • I've watched a lot of zone defense through the years, (being a Syracuse alum does that). Nobody attacks the zone enough. The Mount which has had a lot of practice versus zone defenses all year, because opponents rarely wanted to try to guard them straight up, was sensational against the zone. Give the credit to Jamion Christian and his staff for designing the game plan and preparing the team, and a ton of credit to the team for execution.
  • Not much sweeter if you are a Mount fan, then that picture to the left of the NEC Championship Trophy sitting in the office of Jamion Christian.

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