Sunday, May 11, 2008

Alex Cintron up with the Orioles

Due to the Orioles injury troubles on a short bench, and probably the fact that if something wasn't done with Alex Cintron by May 15th, the Orioles have recalled him from Norfolk and he should be in Kansas City by gametime today.

The official announcement from the Orioles should be forthcoming. Expect the Orioles to clear one pitcher. The options would seem to be Bob McCrory out of the bullpen, or Garrett Olson out of the rotation. Olson certainly hasn't pitched like he deserves a demotion, but with the O's not needing a fifth starter for awhile it is possible they'd send him back to Norfolk to keep him on proper rest schedule and not move him to the bullpen.

Of course in Ramon Hernandez needs to goto the DL, unlikely as the O's have recalled a position player, or Brian Roberts needs the same, that would be the move.

We'll wait for the word.

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