Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Here we go - Gavin Floyd carries a shhh into the ninth

We can't tell you by name what Gavin Floyd is doing....because that might be bad luck. But we can say it's not a shutout. The Twins scored on a walk and a sacrifice fly.

He's ahead 0-2 on the first hitter in the ninth. And Brendan Harris is down on a called strike three. The fourth strikeout for Floyd, and now he's two outs away, but don't tell anyone.

10:32 PM: Joe Mauer now at the plate - and he breaks up the no-hitter with a one-out double to the left centerfield gap. Give Nick Swisher credit for diving at the flyball. He missed by about ten feet, but it was a good effort.

10:33 PM: Ozzie Guillen has pulled Floyd and replaced him with Bobby Jenks. I'm back to watching the Orioles. Another great effort by Floyd, who flirted with the no-hitter for the second time this season.

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