Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is it happening?

Manager Dave Trembley keeps insisting that his team isn't going to go away.

He insures us that this team isn't going to fold up.

But the fact remains that this Oriole team is tremendously overmatched, and may actually have overacheived the first two months of the season. The offensive numbers certainly don't indicate that. There is no Oriole who is really having an offensive career year. Still there are guys who are doing things in certain situations that probably defy their overall performance.

Consider Melvin Mora. The third baseman's offensive numbers indicate he'd better serve hitting later in the lineup. Maybe as deep as eighth. Yet, the 36-year old has driven in 29 runs on just 50 hits. All because he's hit so well with runners in scoring position.

The other thought is that maybe if the Orioles get some of their better hitters, Brian Roberts, Nick Markakis and Aubrey Huff back to their career standards they might be able to generate more offense.

Personally, I think some type of help is needed from AAA Norfolk. I know Scott Moore, who made the team out of Spring Training, has struggled mightily since his demotion. But he would provide the ability to play several positions that the Orioles could use a player to give Kevin Millar, Melvin Mora or even Roberts the occasional day off. Oscar Salazar, who isn't seen as much of a prospect, can play the same corner infield positions.

The other options would be to bring up Luis Terrero and let him DH a few days a week, as well as getting the occasional outfield start and let Huff play the corner positions.

Something needs to be done. The offense is sputtering and the pitching has been much better than could have been hoped for. The bullpen has been beyond solid and its performance has allowed for some of the struggling offense to be overshadowed.

Nobody expected this Oriole team to compete this year. They've done a great job to stay in the race for two months. But if they want to continue to compete, they must do some things offensively to stir things up. And at the same time, those moves can help the team look towards the future.

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