Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Race for Eighth

Don't know if you noticed it or not, but the NCAA approved two more bowl games recently. The Congressional Bowl in Washington D.C. will feature Navy versus an ACC opponent, and a bowl in St. Petersburg will give the Big East another Bowl tie-in.

That is six bowl tie-ins for the Big East now as they have vacated the Texas Bowl and allowed Conference USA to take that slot. In addition, the SEC will now replace Conference USA in the Papa John's Bowl in Birmingham. Not bad for an eight team league.

So as a Syracuse grad and fan, my immediate thought was troubling. Now Syracuse could very well be left out of a bowl game again, but its getting embarrassing with everyone else going. 68 teams will play in bowl games this year. Because you need a .500 record to get to the postseason, and the Orange just doesn't seem likely to get there. How depressing is it, that the once proud program of the Orange gives me no hope in the months leading up to the season, to actually make the Bowl season?

The Big East's six bowl affiliations are as follows: The BCS series, the Gaton/Sun tie-in, the Papa John's tie-in, the Meineke Car Care tie-in, the International Bowl in Toronto, and the newly formed St. Petersburg Bowl.

It's asking a lot for the Orange to be a part of that lineup. And what a sad statement that is.

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