Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tids and Bits

The first, of what we hope is a lot, Mt. St. Mary's Men's basketball TV games was announced recently. The Mount at Georgetown will air on MASN.....Don't expect the Old Dominion game to make it to the TV. The CAA announced a composite TV schedule and the battle in Norfolk is not listed.....

ESPN announced better than 1100 games on its schedule when it was released recently. That is like 7 games a day. Now that does cover the whole family of networks, which I believe includes ESPN.360. But still that is a lot of games.

So what do you think about instant replay in baseball? I'm not a fan of instant replay in anything. At least I haven't found a system I like yet. Because I don't like the fact that some plays are reviewable and others aren't. What makes one play more impactful than another? Why can't penalties be reviewed in football? Buster Olney says we have to get it right. I don't think we have to, but if we're going to go with instant replay, it should be available for all calls. And then let a replay official make the decision, or give a coach/manager the right to challenge a certain number of calls during the game and make the decision whether it is impactful or not. I just don't think the way it goes on right now works in any situation.

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