Thursday, October 01, 2009

View from my Couch

Lots going on - on this Thursday night. The NHL season has started. College football has a neat non-conference matchup from Morgantown. And baseball is wrapping up its regular season. So here are some random thoughts as I take it all in.

7:55: Not sure about the fashion sense of Bill Stewart. Is he trying to be Jim Tressel? Not sure the all yellow is really a good thing either. I think it might stay close for awhile in Morgantown. The 'Eers are huge faves but 17 seems like a lot

8:00: I've got to give Boston some credit. I didn't think they'd have the pitching to hold off Tampa or maybe even Texas down the stretch. But they have gotten hot down the stretch (minus the struggles against the Yankees) and might have enough to make things interesting in the AL playoffs.

8:05: Ok, maybe it isn't going to be close in Morgantown - but Colorado just scored as I was typing that. After a huge Noel Devine touchdown run had me second guessing my earlier statement, Stewart ran one in from 36 yards for the Buffs. It's under review now, but it should stand.

8:17: I taped Dinamo Bucharest and Panathiakos in the Europa League earlier today. I've been watching it on and off. And I am just annoyed by those horns.

8:20: The Capitals have added to their lead in Boston, and equally important just killed off a Boston power play. It looks like the Caps are on their way to an opening night win.

8:33: I'm in the 76th minute of this game and it appears it is going to end scoreless. Certainly Panathiakos will take a point on the road. But I would have to think if that is all they get, that they are going to look back at this and think they should have gotten more.

8:43: Of course as soon as I typed that the visitors in Green got a goal from the edge of the area. So now it looks like they will go back to Greece with a deserved three points.

8:47: Anybody know who the player to be named later was that the Orioles got from the Red Sox for Joey Gathright?

8:53: Bucharest was just awarded a penalty in the 88th minute. And Niculescu who had subbed in just moments before, and it might been his first touch, hit the outside of the bar. So Panathiakos survives the silly penalty and should now escape with the win. Crazy finish.

8:58: The Caps have struck for two quick goals at the Fleet Center. Rough opening night for the Bruins. It's now 4-0 and doesn't look good. Meanwhile, Panathinkakos on the goal from Karagounis has won in Bucharest.

9:01: Aric Goodman has given Colorado a 10-7 lead. And I would think the folks in Morgantown might be starting to get a little bit worried. There are just over 3 minutes to play in the first half and this isn't what they had in mind.

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