Monday, October 05, 2009

The Mailbag

Can Florida win without Tim Tebow on Saturday? Yes, they most definitely can. Florida's defense is good enough to beat anyone, including LSU without Tebow. Plus, who are we kidding, Tebow is playing. It's a concussion. Of course they are being precautious. And I don't think they'll let him take a hit until Saturday. But as someone who knows a thing or two about head injuries, I'm guaranteeing he'll play. And that Florida will win.

Why no love for Greg McElroy? I wouldn't say there is no love for McElroy. But the 'Bama signal caller didn't enter the season with all the preseason hype. Truly that is really necessary in college football, especially if you start talking Heisman. He was on nobody's preseason radar for All-SEC QB, let alone bigger things. But as he has played well and the field begins to weed itself out through injury and poor performance, McElroy will continue to get noticed. Assuming he deserves it.

Let's say LSU beats Florida and then loses to 'Bama. Would they have a chance at the BCS if they were 11-1? Under that scenario, yes, a slim chance. But a better chance then they have of beating Florida, so why are we even worried.

All of a sudden the Auburn/Arkansas game is a pretty big game? What are your thoughts? The Fan loves Houston Nutt. Loves him. He doesn't like Bobby Petrino. He also loved Tommy Tuberville. So I was not a big fan of the Gene Chizik hiring. But Chizik has made things work in Auburn quickly and this is a great matchup. I think the War Eagles win, because there is a better chance they make some defensive stops.

What about the matchup in Columbia between South Carolina and Kentucky? They play this weekend? I hadn't noticed. It might be one of those games where Carolina is caught looking ahead, and you can't do that in the SEC. So the 'Cocks better be wary.

What if we end up with a bunch of one-loss teams again? Then what happens?
You know that I always believe the season will work itself out. It usually does. And I've always said the BCS wouldn't have problems with too many unbeatens, but trying to decide who is the best of the one-loss teams would be the biggest issue with the BCS. It happened last year, so I'm guessing it might happen again this year. But we are really a long way from that. There are way too many scenarios to evaluate, but my guess is, that if there are a bunch of one loss teams at the end of the season, USC will be one of them and the early loss will help them get back to the top quicker. The only teams that I see as maybe being able to squeeze the Trojans out with one loss would be an SEC team (provided another SEC team isn't already in), Virginia Tech or Texas.

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    Any insight on The Mount's most recent recruit, Donte Morales?