Friday, October 15, 2010

Brown at Holy Cross

ESPN's Dana O'Neil files this piece in her blog about the former Mount Coach.

New Faces, New Places: Milan Brown - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
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  1. You are downright awesome at times Raff!! You provide way more info than Gerick.

  2. Richard and all Mount fans - I know it is only a small window, but look at the posting on the MSM basketball site.

    What you will see is three freshmen who were carefully chosen - listen as they speak, I think you will see a bit of the new Coach's style.

  3. Harry: Agreed. I expect increased intelligence, responsibility and a tougher love philosophy.

    Raff: Did you see or get any info on the first practice?

    Given the team needs to develop a guard rotation, I can't wait to see how things progress.

  4. Harry, I watched it, yes the interviews were slightly better than usual. Perhaps they are getting a better education on public speaking these days huh? I will not take to much from those interviews to develop an opinion that the have increased intelligence, however. Maybe they are more used to being in front of a (web) camera than in prior generations.