Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mount gets late addition from Florida

Per a report out of Tampa Bay the Mount has added 6-5 forward Xavier Owens to the incoming recruiting class.

Owens played his high school ball at Wharton High in Tampa Florida where he averaged 16.3 points per game as a senior, after averaging 16.4 as a junior. He scored a season high 32 versus Spoto during his senior year. He was a Class 5A, all-Florida selection picked by the state basketball coaches. He was named to the All Western Conference National Division First team as a senior.

This is the second year in a row the Mount has dipped into Florida for a late recruit. Last season, the Mount brought in point guard Josh Castellanos who averaged 4.3 points and played in all 32 games in his freshman season.

However, it sounds like new Mountaineer assistant coach Daryl Bruce had something to do with this. Owens was ticketed to attend Faith Baptist but Bruce knew of Owens from his days at Jacksonville and the switch was made.

This You-Tube video from his junior year shows he has some athletic ability.

According to reports, the Mount has now added 5 players to next years roster. Taylor Danaher was previously reported by the Mount as a November signee, Chad Holley was reported as a 2011 incoming freshman and now Owens. In addition, the Mount also picked up two recruits Sam Prescott from Marist and Rashad Whack from George Mason. The Mount had only 3 seniors who played out their eligibility last year, Shawn Atupem, Jean Cajou and Tayvon Jackson. So it would appear that something is going to change with the Mount roster before we see it next season. Maybe some of the above names won't be on campus - or possibly some of the roster we were expecting to return has departed.

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  1. Mount now has actually added 6 new players. Three on scholarship are Danaher, Holley and Owens. Two transfers will not be eligible this year (Whack and Prescott) but also Kelvin Parker (good player, not on basketball scholarship).

    So I guess if Prescott and Whack get scholarships, two others are gone. I wish I could pick the two to go!

  2. Parker is a pretty darn good player and I should have mentioned him in this article. He is definitely not on a basketball scholarship though.

    I guess two would have to be leaving unless some of the previously reported guys aren't coming. I haven't seen anything anywhere that that is the case.

    We'll just have to wait and see what happens as nobody I've talked to has any answers.