Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mount will play at Maryland this season

The ACC released all of its college basketball schedules yesterday. So I went hunting.

Virginia Tech. Nope.

NC State. Nope.

Virginia. Nope.

Maryland. Check.

There it was on the Maryland schedule. Mt. St. Mary's at Maryland - December 7 at 8pm.

So I think that leaves us with one unconfirmed game. Ok two really, but I've got Navy as a lock. Jimmy Patsos confirmed the Loyola game in a Baltimore Sun interview so I think that is a done deal. And also assuming Albany is coming back. Maybe that is the New Year's eve game.

The only question remains that one game that needs to be scheduled. Again I think it will be a like team. Anyone have any thoughts or at least suggestions of who they'd like to see the Mount play in a home and home. I've thrown Princeton out there. How bout one more in Lehigh?

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  1. I'd like to see a Marshall Home/Home series!