Thursday, August 25, 2011

Albany will return game on December 31

Sometimes I need to think before I post. Excited to get the news about Maryland out there - I didn't check the Albany website for its schedule until after hitting the publish post button.

But upon further examination, there it is, Albany has released its schedule since the last time I checked. And there it was on the date I had just only minutes before thought it must be. December 31 at Knott Arena at a time to be determined.

That gives the Mount two home games between Christmas and New Year's against two teams they could beat, but beat them last year and probably will be improved this year.

It also confirms that the strong home schedule - strong in terms of Knott history - will in fact be in line this year.

Still looking for that last game. Again, I'm betting it's on the road, just before the Penn State game.

And of course confimation of Loyola and Navy.

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