Friday, December 09, 2011

Even in Boston they know Patsos is a Nutjob

Sully's Court: So many good college basketball games to watch this weekend - The Boston Globe College Sports Blog -

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  1. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Nut job man has a very good team & will be 15+ point favorite for the away game. Note to the 1962 team - for the 4 years up to 1962 Mount NEVER lost to Loyola.

  2. Nutjob man - or Psycho as the Mainacs refer to him - has a team with a great record. They haven't beaten anybody by 15 all year - and have played only two teams ranked above 200 per Ken Pomeroy....and lost to one of them in Wake Forest. No doubt they are the favorites, though.

  3. Let's see the Mount show up with the game they have been developing. Send the hounds home with their tails between their legs. Get Patsos some new meds and a talk therapist.