Wednesday, December 07, 2011

That was fun...but just not enough

Maryland needed some last minute heroics from Terrell Stoglin and some courageous calls from the referees to down our Mounties 77-74 at the Comcast Center on Wednesday night. But that's why they call it a guarantee game, if you're the team below the red line you're guaranteed to get hosed on some calls.

But give Stoglin and the Terrapins credit. After squandering a 16 point lead the Terps did battle back at the end and some clutch shots from Stoglin with defender Josh Castellanos all over him at times made the difference. Stoglin had 23 in the victory for Maryland.

The Mount kept it close with some serious long range consistency. The Mount made 11-of-21 threes in the game but when it trailed by three late, it went inside for a Danny Thompson to close the gap to one with 2.3 seconds left. The Mount had nearly taken the lead on its previous possession, but a huge blocked shot of a Julian Norfleet layup, after Norfleet appeared clear in the lane took away one chance. Danny Thompson's follow was no good and the Mount was forced to foul. Mychal Parker, who was a 44% free throw shooter entering the contest, made both to stretch the lead to 2.

Norfleet led the Mount with 18 (4 3's), while Castellanos had 15 (3 3's) and Kelvin Parker 14 (2 3's). Raven Barber came off the bench to score double digits for the third straight game with 12.

The Catholic Clash is up next on Saturday afternoon at the Knott Arena as the Mount hosts 7-1 Loyola. Be loud Mount fans. Real loud.

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  1. Reasons Mount did not win:
    1. Home cookin'
    2. Norfleet cannot pass into the post (4 T.O.)
    3. Kris can't buy a layup (12 points missed)

    HOWEVER, GREAT effort. As jab169 said, WOW.

  2. For as long as I live, I will remember the date of 12/7/11. To me it will always be the night that the Mount upset Maryland. I am a big Terps fan too, but of course I was rooting hard for the Mount. I barely had a voice from hollering, just like I was at the game- it's a shame I am way down here in GA and couldn't go. The Mount outplayed Maryland in many facets, yet it just had to come down to money again. Maryland scheduled the Mount for a win and the refs really made sure that they got it. I have lost respect for ref Bernard Clinton. He reffed the past 2 games for the Mount, and he did whatever he could to get that win for MD. He and the other refs were definitely Maryland's MVP of the game- aside from Stoglin. Finally that Princeton-style is working. It was easy to see that the Mount wanted this one more than MD, with the relentless pursuit of the rebounds they showed on a few occasions.I will be upset for a few days for sure, but I will never give in and agree that Maryland won. Ironically, it kind of reminded me of how the refs 'willed' Villanova to win their NCAA game with Robert Morris. Congratulations to the Mount for their 2nd win over an ACC opponent!

  3. Now, what the heck is wrong with Xavier Owens? Why didn't he play?