Thursday, December 01, 2011

St. Francis victorious in ARCC

Ben Mockford made five of St. Francis (NY)'s ten three-pointers as the Terriers won 64-54 at the Knott Arena in the NEC opener for both teams.

Mockford led the Terriers who led from start to finish with 19 points, Stefan Perunicic had 14 for the winners.

Kelvin Parker had a career high 16 for the Mount in his first start at home. Raven Barber had 11 in 22 minutes, while Julian Norfleet scored 11 as well.

The Mount was an atrocious 4-of-15 from the charity stripe.

The Mount faces defending NEC champ Long Island on Saturday night.

I'll have more thoughts from tonight's game some time tomorrow after I digest it all.

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  1. Yet another game that I am majorly pissed off about again. Mount had plenty of chances to get back in and win. I believe the part that angered me most was when Mount cut it to 42-35, then I blink and the score is 52-37. What is the deal with these guys? A lot still has to do with Burke, minus the turnovers. Perhaps Burke's style just doesnt work with this team and he needs to be flexible and play the style that is a strength instead. SFNY allowed to have the game a few times but for whatever reason Mount just did not want this one, they gave it away too easily. Mount still have no idea how to play offense against a zone-doesn't Burke teach them? They also do not seem to be taking as many shots as they did last year. There is way too much dribbling and passing around at times. I believe right now there are some big mental problems going on because they have more talent than SFNY for sure. They hardly guarded Mockford, it seemed when there was any pressure on the ball though he missed. The inside guys just stand there and let Cannon shoot as he desired. also the inside guys are way too lazy and non agressive offensively. However, every time they do take it to the basket, usually a good result- why not try that more often? Overall, they just seem puzzled as to what is going on games. don't they realize they have a chance when they do? Or is it that Burke limits them to do as he says and only what he says? I want that arrogant guy out of here soon. I dont care if a miracle happened and we won the rest- I still dont like him. Now I kind of see why big bad Tony Little chose not to attend away games like he sued to and understand why Tony was pissed about hiring Burke.

  2. Hey everyone, I'm a big Mount fan that's been checking this blog for a little now as there aren't many other places to read about Mount hoops. I'd have to agree with Richard. I'm getting really tired of seeing this team hang out on the perimeter. It looks to me like they think too much on offense and are constantly trying to do exactly what Burke wants them to instead of just playing the game of basketball. I'm not a fan of Burke at all. I'm willing to give him until next season to right the ship out of fairness, but I think we are finding out that he's simply not a good head coach. I hope I'm wrong. I will say that I have a friend who was a team manager last year and quit because Burke was such a miserable guy to be around.