Saturday, December 31, 2011

Excited to get back to ARCC today

First off apologies to all of you who have come to expect more consistent posting out of this site.

Secondly, I'd like to congratulate my father, a Mount graduate, for selling his accounting practice of 35 years. He has worked so very hard through the years to build the firm. I'm extremely proud of what he has accomplished and grateful for the opportunity to work with two of my closest business associates in continuing the firm. My father will be still be active in the firm, but his hours can be reduced and allow him to spend more time traveling and playing golf. Something that he greatly deserves. We're all excited for the changes.

Finally, I haven't seen the Mount play since the loss to Loyola back in mid-December. And with things going the way they were going, there wasn't much to post, especially when I didn't have a personal view to put a spin on it.

I was extremely glad to see the Mount get a good win against American on Thursday. But I was very disappointed in the starting time. With the students away on break, I can't see how that helps to increase attendance. Anyway it was great to see the game end up on the right side of the ledger - and it's always nice to beat American and a Patriot League team.

As we draw to a close of the non-conference season today, I think it has become extremely obvious that this team is going to have to work extremely hard for everything they get and that lapses during games are going to be tough to overcome. Hoping that the mistakes of the early parts of the season have helped the players grow and that 2012 - starting at 3pm this afternoon, brings continued improvement.

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  1. Happy New Year and congrats on your family/work situation. Today's game starts at 3:30. The AU game did get a decent crowd but an evening time probably would indeed have been preferable for attendees.

  2. Glad to see you're back to posting. This is a rough team but they play hard and as long as they do that it'll be worth the 5 dollar price of admission.

  3. OK - to those who were at the game (and to the rest who just want MSM to be winning), it is obvious this team has simply been getting palpably better. Another real good effort, should have had a win but for another set of bad calls and, darn, I wish someone could count to 5 and throw the damn ball in.

    This team is a product of good planning and coaching (in the absence of strong recruiting for the past 3+ years).

    I know they can still make noise in the NEC (see my prior post).

  4. "Palpably better" eh Harry? This team is just not very good.

    How can you be a product of "good planning and coaching" when you are 2-12?

    And please do not give me poor recruiting for 3+ years. Burke inherited a bevy of talented players, especially bigs, and they've either regressed under his watch or left the program. He was also completely unable to retain any members of a VERY good 2010 class assembled by Milan- Burrell starts for Holy Cross, Morales in the rotation of a CAA team.

    Burke's recruiting on the other hand, has been awful. That's why we are in this mess and unless Prescott and Whack are the saviors, we are in real, real trouble.