Monday, October 24, 2011

Official Announcement of the Bethel hiring from the Mount

Tony Bethel Named Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach - Mount St. Mary's:

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  1. Cheers to all Mountie fans! This is great news. Anyone who knows the new coach (as well as the other assistants) has to see the staff assembled by Coach Burke is stellar.

    Assistants coach players, carry out orders from the master plan, sure, but by their associations and personalities, form the character and spirit of a program.

    Simply put, these men will get the current team to learn some good lessons and then - well, don't bet against their ability to recruit.

  2. Harry,
    Yes I am pleased with the addition of Tony and Darryl. You said it well when you mentioned the recruiting boon it gives us! Now, I dont have to worry that as a majority we will be recruiting and getting unathletic Patriot League-type dorks. I was worried that would be the direction and complexion of the team once Burke got the job. With Darryl and Tony we may be able to get those good inner city guys that are the best when it comes to this game. I am not referring to MEAC -type players though, more like maybe Bmore and DC players. Then again Darryl will have connections to Florida and Tony maybe Tidewater yet again. Future looks good!