Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pierre Brown withdraws from school for personal reasons

Mount St. Mary’s Men’s Basketball Player Pierre Brown Withdraws from School - Mount St. Mary's:

Roster now up. Brown the only one not included.

2011-12 Roster

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  1. That leaves them really young at the 3. I had assumed that the lineup would have been Trice, Norfleet, Brown, Barber and Krajina (or Thompson). When you look at the roster, there isn't much experience at the small forward position. It looks like Owens, Parker and Aaron Brown could contend for the spot.

    They could go in a different direction and go with Krajina at the 3 and play Barber and Thompson underneath but I would think that could be tough on the defensive end for Krajina defending a smaller/quicker small forward.

    By the way, does anyone know if Aaron Brown is a scholarship player or a walk on?

  2. Pretty sure Aaron Brown is a walk-on. Based on numbers - there shouldn't be a scholarship available.

    Wouldn't expect to see Krajina at the 3.

    Don't forget they were willing to play very small last year - might have to go that way again.

  3. My projected starting 5..... PG Castellenos SG Norfleet
    C Barber PF Thompson SF Owens. I like Castellenos over Trice!!!! I think SF will be a battle between Brown and Owens. Next season looks promising with new recruits transfers etc. if everyone can stay out of trouble!!!

  4. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Aaron Brown is walk-on. Parker best spirit on team. Tall man may redshirt. Next tallest may miss few games at start.