Monday, October 31, 2011

Wagner gets Michigan's Mr. Basketball : Wagner lands high profile basketball recruit Dwaun Anderson of Michigan

The Hurley's continue to impress. About as big a commitment as you'll see in NEC.


  1. I tell you what! The Hurleys surely do not impress me in the least. Why do any of y'all feel inclined to be impressed? Things like this was easy to be expected. How exactly do you think good ol' Mr Hurley got Anderson? The same way most bigtime schools do. There is no doubt there was some good money or benefits involved in this. I mean it is so easy to see, lol. Hurley is really now starting to try and make his 'beeline' move to become coach at a BCS school aint he. People like Hurley and Mike Rice will never compare to Jim Phelan nor be anywhere near as loyal as he was.I wish Hurley would move on fast and get out just like Rice. Dont worry if they pay players like this to come and send Wagner on a cinderella run in the big tournament, then Hurley will be out as fast as he came in. This will not be a true Wagner team until he leaves so I would place an asterisk next to any of these Wagner teams. I could rant on and on but I wont- for now.

  2. Richard, I am so glad you are here!

  3. Anonymous8:35 PM

    1. James Phelan has good relationship with Robert Burke.
    2. James Phelan has good relationship with Tom Izzo.
    3. You figure it out.

  4. Harry,

    I may be here at the Fan Blog once in awhile but I do have a big problem- I am far far away to just take a simple drive to Knott Arena to see a game ever since last March :(

    However, I will always be one of the team's biggest fans no matter how far away I am!

    C'mon now Harry, are you squarely positive that you are glad I am here? You know very well that I likely will be ruffling many y'alls feathers, if I have time to correspond at the Fan Blog.

    I suppose I will dishing out some web bucks to watch all the games on the internet, since there is only one game that will be accessible for me to attend this year--Savannah St. game. So, do you know any bargains so I don't go broke paying for all the games online? :)

    I missed you too Harry.....