Friday, April 27, 2012

Mount lands another commitment

6 foot 7 inch Melvin Gregory of Lancaster Virginia became the latest player to commit to play on Jamion Christian's basketball team at Mt. St. Mary's. Gregory was named the Virginia A player of the year after leading his school to a state title. He had interest from other schools such as Towson, Old Dominion and Virginia Commonwealth.

Schools may have shied away from Gregory because of the fact that he played for such a small high school, he is relatively skinny for his 6-7 frame and that he didn't play organized basketball until he was in the 10th grade. But in the estimation of The Fan Blog that just makes his ceiling all the higher.

The athletic forward scored 25 points grabbed 11 rebounds and blocked 9 shots in the team's state Semifinal victory.  His athletic ability should fit very well with Christian's desire to play an uptempo game. Although information on Gregory isn't easy to find, numerous accounts of rim rattling dunks made him a fan favorite.

He becomes the third player of a four player class entering the Mount to stand 6-7 or taller.

The scholarship for Gregory became available when freshman guard Chad Holley, who averaged 3.3 points in his freshman season opted to transfer.

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  1. As fast as they go, new coach signs 'um up.

  2. Anonymous8:12 PM

    need two more to leave

  3. Well, Mr. Gregory seems kind of promising--with his accolades and the attention received from those good CAA teams. Hopefully he is a steal!! Although, I believe that Jacolby Wells is a much better player than he has exhibited, due to lack of playing time and irregular time, I really hope that Gregory does not turn out to be another Wells. I believe that Chad Holley has a decent valid reason for leaving too. You have to figure- like he probably does....with all that awesome talent coming in at guard...he very likely would ride the bench the next few years. He must lack the confidence that he could out-perform Whack, Prescott for the next 2 and Jeremy Goode the 2nd for the enxt 4 years. I did see some flashes of talent in Holley a few times last year. maybe I am going too far or incorrect, but I wish I could have seen him develop more without having to 'chicken' out and transfer.

  4. The front page of virginia preps' headline is Mount lands a sleeper.

    What's interesting about this is that Jamion himself was the VA A State Player of the Year after his senior year before heading to the Mount.