Saturday, April 05, 2008

What were you Thinking?

....when Carolina was down 40-12 in the first half? Me?.....I was kinda glad the Mount played Carolina.

....when it was 40-22 Kansas? Me?....After laughing at the missed dunk followed by the dunk and the steal. I was thinking this is the best Final Four first half since the Orange ran away from the Jayhawks five years ago.

....when Adam Loewen gave up the second two-run homer after the Orioles had just tied it? Me?.....I was thinking there was no way they'd have enough to get back into the game two nights in the same week.

.....when Carolina came out of the locker room down only 17? Me?.....That there was no way the Heels could play enough defense to win the game.

.....when Memphis won the opener? Me?.....two things....a) that Kansas would probably win the nightcap and b) that Memphis would probably win Monday night.

....when the Orioles rallied? Me?......That maybe the summer wouldn't be such a bad thing. Or that they would at least play a game after the 15th that might mean something. Although, I won't hold my breath. Still, I reiterate, I look the total movement and where this team is headed. And as of right now, I wouldn't trade Brian Roberts unless the deal is really sweet. I did see Eric Patterson homer tonight though.

....when you heard that Justin Upton homered for the third time in three games? Me?.....That my rebuilding project with my fantasy team might have been a year ahead of schedule. And that the Diamondbacks might be the favorite in the NL. If they get some more offense, and Upton is one of the possibilities, then they might be the favorite in the West and maybe the whole NL.

....when Bill Self called time out with just under 15 minutes left? Me?....That Kansas had better stop playing not to lose. And that somebody might want to guard Danny Green.

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