Saturday, April 26, 2008


A little bit of a live blogging action here for the next half hour or so....

9:54: The Orioles have rallied to tie game two at 5 in the seventh. Now they are batting in the top of the eighth. Luke Scott just blooped a one-out single to left. Adam Jones hit it a lot harder, but he's retired for the second out. Gary Thorne informing us that according to Major League baseball rules this isn't really a double header, it's two games in one day, as Ramon Hernandez bounces out to short.

9:57: Joakim Soria is on in relief at Kauffman Stadium in KC trying to close out the Blue Jays. The Blue Jays spoiling a good effort by Shawn Marcum tonight as they trail 2-1. KC starter Luke Hochevar looked good early. The youngster has some good stuff and might be another solid young arm for the Royals to keep in the rotation. The Royals are my team that I expect to kind of surprise some people this year. But they had lost seven in a row earlier this week. They got a big 8-4 win last night to break the streak. David Eckstein is aboard with one out. But Dave Dejesus catches Aaron Hill's flyball in his shadow for out number two. Hochever one out away from his first major league win. And he'll get it, as Alex Rios skies (very high) out to left.

10:05: Chad Bradford retires the Sox 1-2-3 in the bottom of the eighth. The Orioles are in first place by themselves as the Rays have beaten the Red Sox. Fourth loss in a row for Boston, so the O's need a win here to remain on top by themselves.

10:07: Bobby Jenks is on for the White Sox. The Orioles gave Jenks his only blown save back on April 17th. Need a run here. Luis Hernandez to leadoff. Great story about Eider Torres (Hernandez has singled) and his pinch running experience in game one. Torres scored while pinch running. That was his first major league run. So after the game, manager Dave Trembley told Torres that they were trying to get the plate for him. Pretty good practical joke.

10:15: The Orioles just left the bases loaded in the top of the ninth. After the Hernandez single, Brian Roberts popped up a bunt attempt for out number one so Hernandez promptly stole second. Then Melvin Mora got an infield broken bat single, and moved to second on a pitch in the dirt. That allowed the White Sox to walk Nick Markakis. Kevin Millar promptly bounced to third and Joe Crede threw Hernandez out at the plate. The inning ended with Aubrey Huff bouncing back to the mound.

10:19: Jamie Walker is in to start the ninth for the Orioles. He's facing Jim Thome. This can't possibly end well, can it. Full count. Big Swing. Big Contact. Foul Ball into the upper Deck. Walker wins the battle. He struck him out. Randor Bierd is warming in the pen.

10:23: Bierd is now in the game, and has promptly gone 3-0 against Paul Konerko. He walked him and the Sox have a runner on with one out. Alexei Ramirez will pitch run for him. I'd pitch out on the first pitch.

10:34: The Sox have now loaded the bases. Brian Anderson is in the box. I've had one computer issue. Bierd is trying to get out the jam. There are two outs. The count is now 2-2 on Anderson. A base hit for Anderson and the White Sox win it 6-5. Bierd surrenders his first run of the season.

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