Friday, April 18, 2008

The Yanks are in Town

The Orioles and Yanks are scoreless through three inning tonight at the Yards. Daniel Cabrera versus Phil Hughes.

The O's coming off that scintillating win at home over the White Sox last night. The Orioles scored three times in the final two innings last night to force the extra innings. Then they won it in the tenth, when Adam Jones collected the game-winner. The short bench almost cost the O's but they won with Melvin Mora at shortstop and Aubrey Huff at third in the tenth. Lenn Sakata wasn't catching, but I expected to see Tippy warming in the pen last night. If I were Dave Trembley I might have tried to save the DH for at least one more inning. But that would have meant playing Kevin Millar at third and one of the two catchers at first. But it also would have meant that he wouldn't have been getting Steve Trachsel or Adam Loewen ready in the cages in case they needed to bat in the tenth.

At least they didn't go 22 innings like they did in San Diego last night. The game finally ended when Troy Tulowitzki drove in his first run in the 22nd. By the way, we're not talking about first RBI of the game. We're talking about first rbi of the season. Both teams had to travel after the marathon game that lasted 6+ hours.

Still nothing official from the Mount. We're anxiously awaiting word on the signees.

Nick Markakis just threw out Bobby Abreu at the plate to end the top of the fourth inning as he tried to score on Hideki Matsui's single. Great throw from Markakis, who is quickly becoming one of the best right fielders in the game. His 2-run bomb last night was one of the keys to the O's comeback. He's now the leader in outfield assists.

Luke Scott is up now. He's hitting pretty well at the moment. Entered the night second in the league in hitting and he just doubled. But doesn't he look like he should be teeing it up on the PGA Tour. He just doesn't look like a baseball player. But happy to have him in Baltimore.

Pat Flannery retired at Bucknell today. Great guy who once recruited my brother to play when he was winning national championships at Lebanon Valley. He's had some health issues of late and at 50, we figure that might have had something to do with his decision. Either way, he did a great job for the Bison, taking them to the NCAA tournament and beating Kansas in the first round a few years ago. We wish him the best.

Cubs held off the Pirates 3-2 today at Wrigley Field. Another decent start for Ian Snell for the Pirates. He gave up the three runs in the fourth though and his offense couldn't bail him out. He gets his first loss.

Evan Longoria inks a long-term deal with the Rays today. It's an interesting situation, because the Rays had Longoria start the season at AAA-Durham assumedly so he'd be one more year away from free agency. Now they turn around and guarantee him the six years on this contract and have options for three more years. The kid ahs played all of six games in the majors, but he's hitting pretty well, and everyone is expecting him to become a superstar.

Take the Wizards in their playoff series with the Cavs. Gilbert is back and playing well and I think the Wiz win the series.

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