Saturday, April 05, 2008

Good Day to Be in An Orioles Fan

The Birds haven't finished above .500 in ten years, but they are 2-1 right now. We'll take what we can get. And at 2-1 tied atop with the AL East with the Tampa Rays, percentage points (and lots of them) ahead of the Red Sox. Again I remind you, we take what we can get.

But there are other reasons to be happy for the Orioles. The Tigers are closing in on the Orioles season opening losing streak record. Only 18 more to go. We're clearly rooting against Motown at the moment.

And now is when the more serious part of the post begins.

Matt Wieters hit two home runs in his professional debut last night in Frederick. Last year's first round pick is the Orioles star catcher of the future, and it appears more and more like the future isn't that far away.

You may have also heard that Jake Arrieta struck out nine in that game. In just four innings. He's one of the young arms the O's are accumulating. Good news for O's fans, Tim Bascom another of the college arms drafted in last year's entry draft is set to join the Keys rotation soon. He had some back issues that delayed his return north.

At Norfolk, the Tides dropped a 4-3 setback to Buffalo. Mike Costanzo got his first official organization hit and Oscar Salazar who made a name for himself this spring was 2-for-4. Expect to see Salazar in Baltimore sometime this summer.

Our expectations are lowered. But the Birds are headed to that big party in 2011, we can wait for that. And if they win one more this weekend, we'll call it a good week.

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