Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Ballot

Filled out another online All-Star Ballot last night. Tell me where I went wrong

American League
C Joe Mauer
1B Justin Mourneau
2B Ian Kinsler
SS Michael Young
3B Casey Blake
OF BJ Upton
OF Josh Hamilton
OF Carlos Quentin
DH Milton Bradley (actually I couldn't vote for him - but I wanted to)

National League
C Brian McCann
1B Lance Berkman
2B Chase Utley
SS Christian Guzman
3B Chipper Jones
OF Nate McLouth
OF Jason Bay
OF Carlos Beltran
DH Albert Pujols - (don't get to vote for a DH in the NL - but I would have)


  1. I pull for the Braves, but I've got to give the nod to Geovany Soto behind the plate. The numbers are close but there's much more magic happening for the rookie. Plus, the NL's finest has to get at least one starter, right?

  2. Anonymous3:24 PM

    2 pirates....sweet!

  3. I'm sticking with McCann. He's had the best season. I do think it is close with Soto, but the Cub has tailed off.

    Meanwhile, ESPN's Tim Kurkjian has McCann as well and Benjie Molina and Russell Martin as the backups.