Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This, That, and the Other

Is anyone else confused by the white out in Pittsburgh? Aren't the Penguins wearing black and the opponent white? Is anyone else just confused by the game?

I know a lot of people are thinking Josh Vittek from the Mount may get drafted tomorrow. Well, actually, I don't know if anyone thinks he'll get drafted tomorrow. But sometime during the MLB's two day event. I hope it happens, but I'm not so sure. He's a big kid, who may be a bit of defensive liability and he doesn't show up in the MLB database of potential draftees. That can't be a good sign.

Is Dustin Pedroia just a little too big for his britches? The guy is a decent second baseman. Maybe he'll have a real good career. But he acts as if he's a superstar. I'm just about sick of it.

Rain on the east coast has wiped out three of the four Oriole minor league affiliate games tonight. Frederick needs the break, as the Keys have lost a franchise record 12 in a row. Norfolk is the only team in action tonight, it trails Scranton Wilkes-Barre in the fourth inning, 2-1. Zach Clark is on the mound for the Tides and Adam Stern has driven in the run for the Tides.

I'm on the record as picking the Lakers in the NBA Finals. But I have no real basis for that pick, other than I've never liked Larry Bird.

Hold on....Erin Andrews in on TV. She said some good things about Erin Longoria. And Rick Sutcliffe is making fun of her and how she's looking. He's saying her hair looks bad. If I get real adventurous, I'll try to find some video of how bad it looks. EA on a bad day = pretty nice. It's that whole thing that she knows what she's talking about when she's talking about Evan Longoria. I love my wife - a lot - in case she happens to read this. But any mention of Evan Longoria and she immediately starts talking about Desperate Housewives. And she still calls the Rays the Devil Rays.

Oh yeah back to the NBA Finals. Bird isn't playing. But I was a Sixers fan and the Doctor growing up, so I couldn't like the Celtics, so I still don't. Plus we really don't want Boston to win something else do we?

That Syracuse - Penn State game will be at 3:30 and available on ABC regional television on college football's third week of the season. The rivalry game is the first time the school's have met in 20 years or so. At least since '91 when I was a freshman. The good thought for tonight about the game is that the Orange can't be eliminated from bowl consideration that weekend.


  1. i hope he gets drafted too, course, i'm his dad..but the kid has played his butt off, holds all significant offensive school career records, hit 377/20 hrs/over 700 slg/410opb, played a very good first base, has a big arm, throws right, bats left..can play catcher or right as well..i mean, shouldn't somebody use a 30 pick...the orioles have a 36 yr old 249 hitting never was playing first base

  2. Mr. Vittek - Thanks for stopping by. Best of luck to you and your son. Sometimes it isn't about stats to the scouts, it's more about numbers, if you know what I mean. I recall a kid from this area, finishing 4th in the NCAA in hitting his senior year playing in the Ivy League and he never got the opportunity to further his career.

    If his name isn't called today, he got a great education and he can look towards starting his career.

    I hope he gets his name called and he gets to realize the dream of playing professional ball.

    Again best of luck.