Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stuffing the ballot boxes

I voted again for the All-Star game...here is what I did

National League
C - Geovanny Soto - Cubs - As we discussed last week, there are lots of choices here, and I went back to Soto, for now.
1B - Lance Berkman - Astros - The injury to Pujols has probably guaranteed him my selection
2B - Chase Utley - Phillies - It is so hard not to vote for Dan Uggla
3B - Chipper Jones - Braves - Still over .400
SS - Hanley Ramirez - Marlins - Other good options out there, but Ramirez wins out
OF - Nate McLouth - Pirates - Slowing down, slightly.
OF - Jason Bay - Pirates - Two Buccos still in the lineup
OF - Pat Burrell - Phillies - The beauty of the contract year
That's all you can vote for in the NL - if I could add one more, I'd still pick Pujols

American League
C - Joe Mauer - Twins - Pretty consistent
1B - Justin Morneau - Twins - Came down to him and Youkilis
2B - Ian Kinsler - Rangers - Are they any good in Texas?
SS - Michael Young - Rangers - Former Mid-Summer Classic MVP
3B - Alex Rodriguez - Yankees - Injury hasn't derailed his chances
OF - BJ Upton - Rays - I might make him the mid-season MVP
OF - Josh Hamilton - Rangers - Could you imagine if he was still in Tampa?
OF - Grady Sizemore - Indians - A top notch performer deserves to start
DH - Milton Bradley - Rangers - Not sure I can do this since he's on the ballot elsewhere, but I did

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