Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Covering the Bases

A couple of different topics to tackle this evening....

First off, congratulations to Randy Johnson. He's moved past Roger Clemens on the all-time strikeout leader list tonight. He's now into second. Anyone who outdoes Clemens is celebrated by us.

The NBA has gone full circle with the matchup of the Lakers and Celtics in the finals. That's the way I recall it from my childhood. These days I don't even bother. But I think I may try to watch game one of this series and see if I can get interested. If not I watch the Mystics and Mercury.

Delmarva had only 2 players named to the South Atlantic League All-Star game. Joe Nowicki was picked for his prowess in the outfield. He's hitting .316 and has driven in 34 runs with 8 homers. Sean Gleason, who has pitched masterfully since moving from the bullpen to the rotation will also make the trip to Greensboro.

Hard to believe that the college softball season could actually come to an end tonight. Just wanted to make sure you were reading. But we do know that the Sun Devils of Arizona State are counting outs at the moment, trying to record the final nine to win the crown over Texas A&M.

Some interesting stuff going on with the Orioles roster. In order to get Radhames Liz to the majors they had to designate Luis Hernandez for assigment. Chances are he will clear waivers and make it to Norfolk. But once again the Orioles have 13 pitchers and only 3 bench players. So it wouldn't be surprising to see them replace a pitcher soon. Especially as inter-league play is upcoming. You've got to think they want to try to move Steve Trachsel. The veteran starter likely saved his job with just his second career relief appearance. But if the young starters continue to perform (and Radhames Liz seems to be a favorite of Dave Trembley) you've got to think Trachsel's days in Baltimore are numbered.

The other factors to consider are that Adam Loewen should return from injury within the next month, Randor Bierd could be back by the All-Star break, Fernando Cabrera is on a rehab assignment, so those three guys could need spots on the roster sometime soon. Trachsel seems the most likely to go, but don't count out the Orioles possibly getting rid of Chad Bradford - who hasn't pitched well, but his 3 million dollars owed over the next two seasons may make him difficult to move. Jamie Walker could also be moved, and don't count out the possibility of sending George Sherrill to another team if the offer is right. I'm also not sold on Brian Burres and think that he could be the next Oriole to be moved out of the rotation, if it comes to that.

However it falls, it could be an interesting few months with the Orioles pitching staff for the next few months.

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