Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fight Night: Live Blog: Pavlik v Lockett & DeLeon vs Lopez

This has already been a great day of sports action. Now we've got two fights on television to close out the day.

Juan Manuel Lopez and Daniel Ponce DeLeon fight in the opener. They are headed to the ring right now. It's a junior featherweight championship bout. DeLeon, the former Mexican Olympian is 34-1 with 30 KO's, while Lopez from Puerto Rico is unbeaten in 21 fights with 19 KO's.

Round one: They are underway in Round One and Deleon seems to have the early control

10:23 Down goes DeLeon, his legs are gone - Lopez has a chance here
10:23 Lopez is all over him right now :53 left in ther round and Deleon is down again and it's over

10:24 Wow - What a possibility this kid has

10:24 He was super - DeLeon was better early but a big right hook hurt him - and he never recovered.
10:25 That was quick and explosive
10:26 2:25 of Round One - when the referee stopped the bout after the second knockout to give Juan Manuel Lopez the WBO Super Bantamweight title
10:28 Now we will wait for Lockett and Pavlik to start.....we'll be back when they do

10:43 Lockett is in the ring and Pavlik is headed there

10:45 Michael Buffer has the introductions as Pavlik is now in the ring

10:45 You can almost hear him, can't you?
10:46 I don't think this is going to last very long -- Lockett has a great record but I don't really believe it

10:46 I think he's in over his head
10:46 But Big Brown lost, so there is definitely no sure thing on this day
10:47 Lockett is 30-1 with 21 KO's and is trained by Enzo Calzaghe

10:48 Pavlik is the undefeated Middleweight champion of the world at 33-0 with 29 KO's

10:49 The bell sounds and the fight is underway

10:49 feeling out process not much going on in the first minute

10:50 Lockett has landed a few punches

10:50 Pavlik landed a hard right

10:51 the punch bothered Lockett but he's regained himself now

10:52 If the first round is any indication, we may have more a fight that I anticipated

10:52 Lockett landed a few strong punches, looking for the counter

10:52 But I score the round to Pavlik

10:53 They don't seemed concerned in the Pavlik corner
Maybe the first round of the last fight had me expecting too much

10:54 Pavlik in control through the middle of the second - and now he's knocked Lockett down

10:54 Lockett went to one knee

10:54 Pavlik has hit hard to the body several times this round

10:55 Pavlik landing many combos and pounding Lockett - a big right hand and Lockett is down again

10:55 he's now been down more in this round than he had been in all his previous fights

10:56 It ends and its a 10-7 round on my card - and might have been 10-6

10:56 The knockdowns didn't really knock Lockett off his feet. He just stepped back went to his knees and took the eight count

10:58 Lockett is trying to counter with a big punch but Pavlik is dominanting this...but Lockett has shown some guts

10:58 However Pavlik has put him down again, nothing special again and Calzaghe has thrown in the towel

10:58 3rd round knockout for Kelly Pavlik

10:59 he continues to earn my respect each time out -- he didn't letdown against a lesser fighter after beating Taylor twice

11:00 So two early knockouts tonight - one an upset and the birth of a star - the other just a domination by a huge favorite - who continues to see his star grow

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