Monday, June 23, 2008

Asking for your Help

Many of you may have noticed the banner to the right hand side of the page about Caton and Jared's 3rd Annual Alex's Lemonade Stand.

This is a lemonade stand being held by my daughter and her friend Jared, with all the proceeds going towards research to cure childhood cancer. Through two years of hosting the stand, the two children (eight-year old's this summer) have raised over $7,000 in memory of Alex Scott, who died from nueroblastoma at the age of eight. But before she died, she started this lemonade stand to help raise money to help kids, like herself, who were struggling from the terrible disease.

My daugther heard the story during the Kentucky Derby, when Afleet Alex (named after Alex Scott) won the race. And a year later she reminded me that we needed to host a stand to help raise money for cancer victims. She asked her friend Jared to help, and the two of them have done a tremendous job in selling the lemonade and raising the money, one cup at a time.

This summer they will again host the stand on our front porch on July 4th and 5th. They figure that with the success of the last two summers, they should be able to eclipse $10,000 total raised for this great cause. They have set a 2008 goal of $4000. You can visit their website and help them in their quest to reach their goal. The amazing thing about the whole lemonade quest is that no donation is too small, and they all add up.

For more on the amazing story of Alex, you can visit the Foundation's website.

We hope that you'll join in helping two children, whose desire is to help children just like themselves, only those children have been stricken with cancer. And we hope that we'll see you on July 4th or 5th for a tall glass of lemonade.

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