Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holtz offered job; has 48 hours to accept

Skip Holtz was offered the Syracuse football coaching job on Wednesday and has 48 hours to accept the position according to sources close to the situation.

Holtz met with Syracuse administrators early this week and Athletic Director Daryl Gross offered him the position early in the day Wednesday. The current ECU head coach is expected to attend a Liberty Bowl luncheon in Memphis tomorrow, before returning to Greenville where he will likely contemplate the offer and make his decision.

Holtz may also be using the extra time to see if he gets a better offer, or feel out schools that may have openings in the future if they would have an interest in Holtz.

If Holtz does not accept the job, expect Syracuse to name Al Golden, the current coach at Temple the head coach. Either way Syracuse should have a head coach by sundown Friday.


  1. "If Holtz does not accept the job, expect Syracuse to name Al Golden, the current coach at Temple the head coach. "

    Nice call, Raff. I've been saying all along Al Golden says what he means and means what he says. 'Cuse contacted him again today and he said "no" again today. So Marrone, behind door No. 3, is getting the job.
    Syracuse is like Kobe. Doesn't know that no really means no.

  2. You might be right - obviously I was wrong. I threw another name out there if Holtz didn't accept the job. My sources were either wrong on that name - or what you say is true. But information has come to light now that Marrone and Turner Gill were both reinterviewed on Wednesday in NYC. So apparently Golden wasn't as high on the short list as we expected. Or maybe as you say "he really meant what he said". My experience with these coaching searches is that the guys who say things like Golden said, are saying them because they've been informed they are not being considered any longer. What I'm being told now (and I'm not 100% sure what is true) is that there were differences in some ways things were going to be handled, that Golden and Syracuse AD Gross had that could not be overcome. So if Golden didn't like Gross, I don't blame him. Gross is a, to be nice, jerk. I'm a Syracuse fan, I would have liked him to be our coach. But he's not. He stayed at that budding national power Temple. Good luck to him and your program. I hope it continues to grow. However, I expect that at some point, Golden will take another job elsewhere. But maybe once again I'll be wrong on that assesment.