Friday, December 12, 2008

Marrone's the Guy

Doug Marrone, the former SU lineman, will take over the program as its new head coach as early as today.

Apparently, Syracuse Athletic Director Daryl Gross is unaware that somebody has been offered the job, but every media outlet from Syracuse to Katamandu is reporting that Marrone is indeed the next coach. Marrone was the New Orleans offensive coordinator until late last night, but will leave the Saints immediately to take over his duties with the Orange.

He was apparently the last man standing in this long-term coaching search, that may well have begun about a year ago when Gross was finishing welcoming Greg Robinson back for this year. Gross, who still hasn't offered the job to anyone, was reportedly turned down by Skip Holtz, Chip Kelley, Randy Edsall, Kevin Gilbride - and possibly the MAC elite coaching forces of Turner Gill and Al Golden. In all cases, there were reasons given. But quite possibly these guys and perhaps others (Leach, Tuberville, et al) just decided that Syracuse wasn't the best place to try to add to their resume. Or perhaps they just didn't want to work with Gross. Can't blame them.

But anyhow, Marrone who seems to bleed Orange like the rest of us is the guy. For that, I am excited. He will likely not inspire the fan base, and he won't be the national splash that Gross insinuated was coming. But ultimately all we want as fans is to win games. I'm ready to get behind him and hope that happens.

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