Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lots to watch today....

Stay with us as we stream our thoughts of whats going on in the world of sports during the day. When the Mount plays, we plan on having a live blog from right here.

Right now, we're watching Navy and Wake Forest in the EagleBank Bowl - as we kick off the bowl season. Navy leads 10-0 as they near the end of the first quarter. A great start for the Middies.

11:37 - Espn just announced during the broadcast that Navy, Army and Air Force all won games this year without completing a pass. That is truly amazing. But when you can run on 3rd and 8 and get the first down as Navy QB Kaipo just did, that makes it more easy to understand.

11:43 - First quarter is now over - and Wake, which lost to Navy earlier in the season, is really struggling. That isn't good news for my Bowl picks.

11:48 - The Middies have tacked on a field goal. Key play of the drive occured when Navy went for it on 4th and 2 and Shon White got the needed yardage to keep the drive alive.

11:56 - Wake finally came through with a little bit of offense on that drive. But it didn't result in any points when Sam Swank's 49-yard field hit the left upright. So it remains a 13-0 Navy lead. They are really doing a good job of keeping Riley Skinner from having options when he looks down the field.

12:07 - Rashawn King just ran back his second fumble for a touchdown for the Middies. I think that is some sort of EagleBank Bowl record. The play is under review.

12:09 - I dislike replay, but if this isn't reviewed you are going to see one huge FanBlog rant. The runner was clearly down. Without question, just give the ball back to Wake. And that seems to be what is happening. Now they are trying to determine where the runner was down. Wake gets the ball back.

12:11 - Jim Grobe is one of my all-time favorite coaches. He has found some things that are hitting the Navy defense hard. Wake needs to get points on the board before halftime. They are right at midfield with about 2:17 left. A false start backed them up five yards.

12:17 - Wake just had a touchdown called back on a questionable holding call on Joe Birdsong. Might have been a hold, but it wasn't much of one. It's a big play, because Wake needs to get points on the board and getting to 13-7 is a big difference than 13-3. They've hung in this despite not playing well. Meanwhile, I'm going to flip over and watch Iona and Ohio State in hoops who are on the Big Ten Network and close early.

12:22 - Wake ends up scoring, but I was watching basketball. I haven't really seen Ohio State and want to. Thad Matta is one of my more respected coaches. They lead Iona 13-10 at the under 12 timeout - 11:33 to play in the first half. But I haven't seen a bucket since I switched over - the Buckeye zone seems to be causing Iona trouble.

12:31 - I'm trying to determine if Iona can stay in this game. I'm not sure that they can. Mullens has scored three straight baskets to push the lead to 21-14. The Gaels seem to really be having problems with the Buckeye zone. They seem much more comfortable against a man-to-man, but they aren't getting anything against the zone and that should allow Ohio State to stretch it out.

12:50 - Ohio State and Iona have made it to the break, Iona has hung around, they trail 28-24 - but you just don't have the sense that they really could upset the Buckeyes.

12:52 - I've really got to think that Wake Forest is going to rally and get the win over Navy. They looked like the better team the last ten minutes of the first half and with Grobe as the coach, I figure they will make the necessary adjustments and come away with the win. It is nice to see football back at RFK. But not sure how this bowl will be able to survive. Maybe they need Maryland or one of the Virginia schools against a Big East team. But still it looks like most of the fans there today are rooting for Navy.

12:58 - We take a break from the notes portion of this post - but check out the Live Blog going on above - with live thoughts and analysis from the Mount Georgetown game at the Verizon Center.

3:28 - Ok, the live blog is over. I've done the dishes - and now I'm back watching the last 14 minutes or so of the Louisville/Minnesota game. Louisville is ranked number 9 - Minnesota is unbeaten. Minnesota leads by 11. We'll keep you posted.

3:34 - It's a 10-1 run for Minnesota that has lifted then a 13-point lead. I can't say I'm overly impressed with either team. A game we might want to keep our eyes on. Tennesee leads Belmont 24-21 early. Belmont has the ability to keep that close and interesting.

5:09 - Can Tubby coach or what? Minnesota held on with the victory over Louisville. Now I'm watching the Battle in Seattle, UCONN vs Gonzaga. It was really a tale of two halves in the first half. UCONN was up big early and then Gonzaga took a late lead, before UCONN led at the half. I get the feeling Gonzaga is going to end up winning this. Right now its Zags by one.

5:20 - This is getting to be a real good game in Seattle. One observation Austin Daye always seems to make plays. The type of plays that make you think why isn't this guy doing more than he's doing. And oh by the way, Tennessee held on for a two-point win over Belmont. Belmont led late in the game but the Volunteers rallied. Belmont ended up with a desperation shot off a missed FT at the buzzer but it missed. And if you're watching football, a good one in New Mexico as Fresno State is holding a two-point lead over Colorado State.

5:25 - Starting to sense that maybe the Zags are seizing control in this. It's still just a three-point lead, but it feels like Gonzaga is controlling things more and more. Colorado State has taken the lead in New Mexico. USF has a 14-7 lead on Memphis in St. Petersburg.

5:46 - Gonzaga still seems to be in control. But they haven't put Connecticut away - and you almost start to feel like the Huskies are going to pull this one out. They are down three with under eight left and I think its going to be an interesting finish. It has been an exciting game to this point.

7:57 - I've finally caught up. Syracuse needs to make some free throws and it will get out of here with a win. They lead by four with 2:30 left but are just 6-16 from the line.

8:08 - A good win for the Orange in Memphis. But I really don't think that Memphis team is as good as you'd think. I mean playing a Big East schedule, they'd be .500 or so. Still a good win for them. Great performance from Jonny Flynn who was questionable until game time. Rick Jackson also made a huge contribution. Coppin State is next on Monday night.

8:21 - Cincinnati is trying to rally versus Eastern Kentucky. But give the Colonels credit they keep making plays. EKU leads by 3 with under four to play.

8:26 - Checking in on the Ravens and Cowboys. The teams traded turnovers and it led to Choice's short touchdown run for an early 7-0 lead for the home team. Not sure that this is going to be a good night for the Ravens. I think they might be a bit overmatched on this occasion.

8:35 - Wow. UC just forced overtime with an alleyoop pass from Deontay Vaughan to Yancy Gates with .1 seconds left. Eastern Kentucky had taken the lead with 4.6 seconds left on a pair of free throws by Mike Rose, but the Bearcats pushed it up the floor and when the help came to try to stop Vaughan he flipped a lob to Gates who was near the rim and slammed it home, just before the horn.

8:49 - The shocking end to regulation was too much for EKU to overcome. It was all Bearcats in overtime, they defeat Eastern Kentucky 85-77 making 9-of-10 free throws in the extra session. The Colonels led by as many as 15 - but UC had enough to get back in the game and then rallied for the win and a great finish in regulation.

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