Friday, December 12, 2008

Tids and Bits

Did anybody see where the Orioles are supposedly willing to goto 9 years/20 per to get Mark Teixera? Thank god we're in a recession/depression. But seriously, if you took the money earned by all the people who visit the Fan Blog in the next 9 years, I'll bet Teixera earns more.

I'm fine with Doug Marrone as the Syracuse head coach. I don't know if he'll do a great job, a good job or a GROB job. But whatever it is, he's the guy and I'll give him my attention for now. And I know that many like to compare the hiring to the Robinson hiring and Marrone to him. And there are similarities. But I'm comparing it more to the hiring of Tim Brewster at Minnesota and Jeff Jagodzinski at BC. Both of those have worked out fairly well. And both of those were similar to Marrone, and I think closer in age than Robinson.

Also there are now rumblings that Ed Orgeron will come back to Syracuse as the defensive coordinator. I liked Eddy O when he was in Syracuse, I liked him when he was at USC, and you have to think that his players had a lot to do with Ole Miss's success this year. That is good news. But it bothers me a little bit, if Marrone floated that name and Gross fell in love with him because of the USC connection during the interview process.

I woke up last night thinking that each candidate for the job probably got sick of Gross during the process and that is why they didn't want it. I mean how many times do you think Skip Holtz had to hear, "When I was at USC" before he decided Greenville is pretty nice for another year or so? Or what about Chip Kelly? Or Turner Gill? Or Kevin Gilbride? Yeah, that's what I thought.

I'm not going to State College tomorrow. So I will live blog the game. I don't think you'll find a TV feed. But it will be available via with live streaming video for free, best I can tell.

If you are a channel flipper you might want to check out this site. It lets you customize the channels and then keeps a scoreboard for all the games on your TV. It will send you email or text messages with potential upsets and close finishes. I'm a fan.

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