Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tids and Bits

I took a little bit of time off from posting anything. I hope you missed me. Actually, I just hope you noticed. I wasn't taking finals, I wasn't trying to get over the loss to Penn State. Truly I wasn't doing anything real exciting. You probably assumed that.

Anyways a couple of things to comment on. I'm not disappointed with the Syracuse hiring of Doug Marrone. Not at all. None of the mentioned names - I mean seriously mentioned names - were all that exciting to me. I do like Turner Gill, I do think he's a good football coach and have been amazed by what he has done at Buffalo, but something keeps holding him back in this job process, so that concerns me.

But I'm willing to jump on board the Marrone ship. Mainly because he's coaching the Orange - and because I want some wins. Rob Spence is the new offensive coordinator. He has had good success at the collegiate level, but really struggled this past year at Clemson. Good ties to the NYC area should help the Orange.

Word out of Boston is that Mark Teixera and the Red Sox are getting close to finalizing a deal. It could be announced later tonight. I can't say I'm surprised, but for some reason, and maybe it should be called pure stupidity, I thought the Orioles were going to pull this one out. I thought they'd pony up enough to make him want to play at home. Maybe there will be a late surprise but I'm no longer hopeful.

How many colors do those NFL cheerleader Santa outfits come in? which is a great site for college hoops rankings and the like, has the Mount predicted to lose only two more times this year. Of course those are the next two games. So don't get too excited too soon. And Pomeroy also says that the Mount's record at the end of the regular season is likely to be 18-11, 13-5 in the NEC. I don't think that will be good enough to win a regular season title. It gets to that record even though it is predicting wins in every regular conference game the rest of the way, basing its record prediction on the fact that some games won't turn out as expected.

That is all reasonable. But I thought I was being reasonable thinking 14-4 or even 15-3 was accomplishable. And obviously it still is. But the Mount needs to do something to get over the hump right now. Losing all of these close games is wearing on me.

Louisville and Notre Dame seem to be the two most overrated Big East teams. I just don't see the dominating performances I was expecting out of them. Louisville started very well in this Big East/SEC showdown game with Ole Miss tonight. But the Rebels are back in the game - and hoping to pull the upset in the second half.

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