Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tids and Bits

Touching on a couple of notes on Thursday.....

There's been a lot of speculation about the roster at Mt. St. Mary's. Through 5 games only 9 players have played. So what about the rest of the bench? I'll add my little bit of speculation. What about all the good things we heard about Danny Thompson, Jacolby Wells and Pierre Brown? Well, first of all the group that is out there is doing a pretty fine job, so there aren't a lot of minutes to be had. And if you can get an extra year out of either of those guys that is great. But I don't think that a decision has been made on either of them, and who knows you might see them tonight. I do think that the original intent with Brown was for him to redshirt last year, but when the roster was depleted early in the year, that was no longer an option. So now, maybe they are still thinking that his best three years to help the program are the next three. Thompson does have a stress fracture and probably won't see any action until at least after the holiday. Although, I think it is possible that he could be back for the week before Christmas. With missing all of last year and then additional time this year, not sure how he would fit into the rotation. Tough for a kid who had so much praise coming out of high school. But he just has had awful luck with injuries thus far. Let's hope it changes.

Is Carolina playing in a different league right now? It sure seems that way. I mean, I don't really think Michigan State is that impressive or good for that matter, but Carolina is just rolling through people right now. Don't forget no team that eliminated the Mount from the NCAA tournament has ever not won the NCAA title the next year. So with that and all the talent, they've got a lot going for them.

I've got a new name who should be at the top of the Syracuse coaching list. The name is Tommy Tuberville. The guy was sort of the Paul Pasquoloni of Auburn. Always succesful, but never in the good graces of the fans. I'd take that right now. I still think the Orange could look at Steve Mariucci or Cam Cameron and be succesful with that. But I think the early perception would not be good, just because of their ties to the NFL. But I think the recovery might come quicker since those guys offensive system would be closer to what was being employed, then a spread offense or different style attack. And forget about Mike Leach. He still might end up staying at Texas Tech, by my guess is he is Auburn's next head coach.

I know what has been said and written about Randy Edsall - and that might all be well and good. But if he weren't in the running, then I don't understand why Syracuse doesn't have a coach already. By waiting Syracuse is allowing all of the other schools who make decisions to fire their coach later than the early decision Syracuse made to be back in contention for the guy Syracuse wants. For example, Lane Kiffen might have been interested in the Auburn job had he not already signed with Tennessee. But Tennessee eliminated that possibility by moving early. That's why I think Edsall is still part of the equation, because if he would move, it wouldn't come until after the full completion of Edsall's regular season which is Saturday. But maybe I'm giving Daryl Gross too much credit. Yeah probably am.

But the fact of the matter is, Skip Holtz is probably the guy at Syracuse. With that said, that also explains why the announcement hasn't come yet as Holtz and his ECU Pirates play this weekend. Although, he might be waiting on Louisville to get rid of Steve Kragthorpe, which could happen tonight. If Kragthorpe is gone at Louisville, they might end up with Tuberville anyhow. Doug Marrone, the offensive coordinator in New Orleans has been in contact with the folks at Syracuse and is a real possibility at this moment. But if I was betting on it, I'd go with Holtz and expect the announcement on Monday - with it possibly leaking sometime Sunday after Holtz has had the chance to talk to his team after they've returned from Tulsa.

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