Sunday, November 13, 2011

1-0: Marquette 91, Mount St. Mary's 37 - Anonymous Eagle

1-0: Marquette 91, Mount St. Mary's 37 - Anonymous Eagle:

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  1. Right here says it all from this article:

    This Mount St. Mary's team only won eleven games last season, so they probably wouldn't have presented a significant challenge to a ranked MU squad even at full strength. They played tonight's game, however, without 2010-11 leading scorer Lamar Trice, who is serving a suspension. They looked like a team that had no idea what to do without Trice on the court, and turned the ball over ten times in the game's first ten minutes and 29 times in the game

  2. Richard, I thought the game was difficult because when we play a big school I really want the miracle every time. Going in, I was hoping for an under 20 point loss.

    Tell me if you agree with any of my observations -

    Did you notice Marquette never played any of their scrubs? As opposed to what is usual and customary during college games? On the contrary, because they ran up the score, I promise you whenever I meet anyone from that place I will go out of my way to not help them! (How's that for irrational sports related thinking)?

    I thought the Mount's attempts at defense were pretty good! This MQ team was supposed to bury us inside and our rebounding defensively was quite good.

    The style MQ played (again, for 40 minutes) was full court press or nearly so. This single fact combined with the Mount playing newbies and walk-ons was responsible for the turnovers and basically the outcome.

    Mount offense was, I agree, absent. Too much Castellanos dribbling side to side with nowhere to go and nothing to gain. Saw that last year, hated it then.

    Barber vanished offensively until the very end, but given the dribbling mentioned above, can't expect Barber to be scoring without the ball.

    Did you see the smooth stroke on the two F/T shots from Parker? Trust me, with some experience on the court this guy can score.

    The shooting lines of Parker, Holley and Owens were worse than anemic. This I attribute to pure pressure. I am not saying it would have changed the outcome, but if they make any part of what they are capable of it becomes a respectable game.

  3. Thats probably because Marquette does not have any scrubs. Thier scrubs were those like Jamail Jones who dunked with ease on the Mount. I am eager to see Parker too, but Holley, no.