Friday, November 11, 2011

Game One: Mt. St. Mary's @ Marquette

I wish I had a better feel for this opener. For this Mount team. In so many ways I'm excited about the future that this program has. I think that from what I've seen from the incoming freshman (although limited views at this point) they can all contribute in the future, I'm very excited by the prospect of the two transfers Rashad Whack and Sam Prescott, and the two signees this week are guys I think can contribute and be factors in this league. So I'm probably the might excited I've been about the long-term future since the first time I saw Jeremy Goode, Kelly Beidler and Will Holland play.

But I'll be honest, I'm worried about this year. To me Pierre Brown was going to be a big factor for this team. Last year's team played without a lot of size on the perimeter and the wings. Brown was going to help that. Now they are back into a situation much like last season on the outside unless someone like Xavier Owens steps up immediately.

Throw into the mix that you've got the toughest opponent the Mount is going to face all season on the floor tonight in the form of Marquette and it could be a rough way to start.

So I'll be watching for a few things tonight....

1) What is the starting lineup? It was tough to determine at the Blue White and I have a feeling there might be some surprises in there.

2) Do any of the freshman step up immediately? With that said will Taylor Danaher play or will he remain a redshirt possibility?

3) Can Jacolby Wells and Raven Barber continue to show the signs of improvement that we saw in the Blue White?

4) How does the backcourt do against pressure?

5) Is there going to be anyone other than Julian Norfleet who is a threat from the outside? Will the sophomore be a more consistent threat?

6) What is the offense going to look like? Are we going to see the same type of sets we saw last year - or will there be more modifications?

Let me know what questions you have going into the season.

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  1. Well, we watch the games because there once was the GT game and wouldn't it be great? But, Mount solid 25 point underdogs because MQ is a very good team, so we will indeed look for the signs of new talent and good performances.

    I am looking, in addition to the things you mentioned, to see Parker score, Holley distribute and Owens to bang. Nobody mentioning Krajina yet, but he may surprise.

    You are probably right about Pierre, but I never liked his lack of court smarts.

  2. Looks like we got an 8 man rotation unless Danaher is playing. Coach announced suspensions of Trice and Krajina.

  3. What am embarrassment!!! I understand it was game 1 but if The Mount play like that, it's going to be a LONG season! 28 Turnovers?!?!?! 1 word....,,.WOW!

  4. Burke Sucks!!! Fire him!!! Off with his smirky head!! lol. Before we go 0-29. I was hoping that the laughingstock of the VaTech game would never happen again, but it sure did. I cannot remember 2 games in which we looked so pathetic- and back to back years at that. Never would see this with Phelan at the helm, for that matter Brown either.

  5. Just think of the number of turnovers with Trice playing. I did see a few good things. Great rebounding, but no pts to show for it. Norfleet the only player that can make a basket. And maybe most of all.... Xavier Owens really could be the 2nd coming of The man Kelz B. or as he says DatsKB4ya lol. I seen some talent just horrible direction from the coach.

  6. RMU blew a really good Rider team away, SFPA nearly beat VCU, Bryant scared SDSU. Sacred blew away Hartford. It makes Mount look even worse. I tell ya, if they lose to 350th ranked Hartford, then I'm not sure I want to waste my time on going to Savannah St. They surely better make up for this, just beating Hartford won't do it either. I seriously do not believe Burke cares much about winning, he just likes that check that's bigger than a more successful Brown's was. I mean c'mon, nearly every team's players are involved in immoral acts, no use to suspend any players unless they do something out of the ordinary like violence or something. He acts like they are going to stop being mischievous the rest of their life. Let em play or his smirks should be wiped off his face. A positive- we just recently acquired a coach that has a lot of promise Mr. Bethel. Perhaps a motive behind it? I hope.

  7. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Pathetic. Sure, a loss was expected with our young team against a more than solid Marquette. But, some of the most sloppy passing I've seen from a Mount team in over 30 years. An offensice scheme based soley on the high pick. I have no problem with suspensions. They are what they are. If they broke team rules, then suffer the consequendes. But, it is the coach's responsibility to have his team ready to play. Trice could have gotten hurt in the first 30 seconds. Who would Burke have sent in...No one truly looked ready to play.

  8. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Burke fine. Not possible to coach 4 walk-ons against team as good as opponent. Take heart, some good things actually did happen for Mount.

  9. Burke isn't fine!!! His sideline actions speak for them self!! I understand we are missing Trice,but he isn't the entire team!! Josh played with tons of heart and rebounding was a plus! 29 turnovers that's pathetic!! Losing by 54 on tv even more pathetic, that happened due to absolute poor coaching!! Burke is a terrible coach and needs to leave, before we start losing recruits and players start to transfer!! The athletics dept. made a huge mistake hiring Burke!! His actions and attitude on the sideline speak for themselves,he could care less if The Mounties win or lose, he's collecting a big check for doing absolutely nothing!!

    I would like to see Oliver Brown get a few more minutes, he may put a spark into the offense! Enough said.....Let's go Mount against Hartford!!

  10. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Big Joe joins Richard as the least supportive and dumbest fans. You idiots know nothing. Did you love Milan Brown's second year record? Do you know who suspended the players? (Hint - it wasn't the coach).

    Do you think it was the coach who sent Pierre home?

    Is the coach the reason Wells is hurt?

    You want bad scores? Look at MSM vs. Old Dominion under Phelan and Brown.

    Do you not realize it all starts with recruitment? (That's why most fans are thinking we got some good things coming.

  11. Kelly-
    I do not care about Brown's 2nd year record!!! I do not care if you are mad at my comments either. I tell it like it truly is, so go back to your fantasy minded life!! I am going by Burke's actions on the court during games as well as his communication in the various little videos online. Then comes the performance, the confusion that the players exhibit in the game. I was at the damn ODU game in Norfolk anyway and the Mount put more effort in than a Burke team, ODU was just a damn good defensive team. No the coach did not suspend the players, it was probably more on the 'expletive' Diane Kelly and then Miss AD Phelan. However, on every account that I read about the game without a Mount bias, the Mount had no clue as to what they were doing out there!!!!! I cannot help that you dont like what I say, sorry you are spoiled, I dont like many things in life either , but it is the way it is- and thats how I will tell it to anyone!!!! See ya.

  12. Kelly,
    Don't get how you say dumbest non-supportive fans.....#1 ive been at every home game since they went D1.
    As far at Burke......actions on the sideline speak louder than words, A "COACH" is supposed to keep team moral up, how the heck can the team be positive when you look on the sideline MOUNT down 30 and Burke as a shady azz smirk on his face like oh well we lost who cares "i still get paid" type attitude!!! I agree to reports good things are coming with recruits, but all this hype about Burke coming in last year and nothing has even shown how "GOOD" he is.....wonder why he got ran out of Georgetown?? All his preseason interviews his body language explained he has no faith in the young guys, rotate the line-up right and maybe just maybe things will gel. The hiring of Burke was not a very good decision by the AD, I guarantee if Jamion Christian would have been hired the Mount would have had an outstanding season last year!! As for getting suspended....Let the guys play, are they in jail? violation of team rules?? I do believe if Trice played there would not have been NO 29 Turnovers...Josh and Julian played with a lot of heart!! Raven was projected as a high class recruit coming in, if he had the positive support from "The Coach" i think he could be a beast along with all the other young players! They came to win and be positive!! Enough said!!!!!!

  13. Looks like we need an arbitrator, so let me give it a try with some, as they say after the political debates, some "fact checks" -

    1. Suspensions -

    Verdit: Kelly right, Richard and Joe misinformed.

    The suspensions were done by the administration, not by the coach or athletic department. These suspensions were for things the suspended student athletes got caught doing. The suspensions, along with the injuries and Pierre Brown's absence, have hamstrung the team for the moment.

    2. Recruitment

    Verdit: Joe and Kelly correct

    Milan Brown left the school suddenly and left no time for getting the better players last year. Burke & Co. did very well to identify and recruit Castellanos and Norfleet. This season, Holley is a good find and Danaher may be a bit of a project, but next year there are at least four talented players, if not five on board.

    3. Hiring Burke

    Verdict: Joe uninformed. Salary and method incorrect.

    Burke was hired after more than 50 candidates were considered and directly after the President, Dr. Powell got involved. His salary is not even close to the top tier in the NEC.

    4. "He got ran out of Georgetown"

    Verdict - Joe incorrect (and he can't speak English).

    There has never been a report substantiating the reason(s) for his leaving and going to American.

    Sorry for the #4 - I couldn't resist!

  14. Anonymous9:18 PM

    More on the game with Marquette and the dumb comments referenced previously - of the many turnovers, 8 each for Castellanos and Norfleet. Tell me how the coach is responsible for that?

    So, you dummies liked the prior coach? Well, he moved to a school in a "better" league, is getting a much higher salary and has NO SIGNED RECRUITS for next year.

    I might not have a Y chromosome, but some of you guys just don't get it.

  15. Harry, I said that it wasnt on the coach about the suspensions. I was referring to Mount security and that 'expletive' Diane Kelly who runs the security. No, Burke's salry isnt high like the big Money boys of Wagner, QU, and now Momouth, but its higher than Browns was and brown did so much more to earn it.

    Kelly, I guarantee you we would be getting much better recruits with Brown here. Goode's heir apparent went with Brown and actually has played well in his first games. A lot of these so called 'signings' end up vanishing somehow anyway.