Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Look what popped up in the SI vault

When Melvin Whitaker slashed a fellow student's face after - 02.22.99 - SI Vault:

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Too bad this story didn't have a real happy ending.

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  1. Raff - you will NEVER post anything that brings up more emotions to me than the Whitaker story. I was involved, not in his recruitment, but in the investigation and analysis of what happened in the "crime" for which he was incarcerated. I could write a book on this. Let me summarize.

    Whitaker ended up at the Mount because his dentist from Gettysburg was a confidant. But the part of the story that totally pissed me off was his conviction.

    I know who the Commonwealth's Attorney was at that time. Suffice it to think - Can you imagine a young black male being indicted and convicted for fighting another black male? Trust me, Whitaker was provoked, he reacted and he was threatened. It is bizarre that anyone ever brought this into a criminal court.

    The case basically was brought because Charlottesville and UVA had (as if it has ever changed) a preppie mentality and this was the only way they could handle this situation.

    In case anyone reading this doesn't know the particulars, the injured party was one of a group of football a-holes who were taunting Melvin before the fight (that the others started).

    Any questions?

  2. Raff,
    You didnt happen to find this story from my post of it did you? If not, it is a good coincidence that you posted it, because I just happened to be searching for info about whitaker the other day, found this and posted it on Facebook, lol. This was an awesome story to read too..

  3. Hey jab:

    After reading the story, which is pretty inspiring, it conjured up some emotions within me. First, even before the story was finished by me I got the sense that I likely would have done a similar thing that Whitaker did. The actions of Anderson during the pickup along with him still not willing to forgive Whitaker, gave me the impression that Anderson was pretty self-centered. The fact of Anderson not expressing forgiveness at all contributes to me believing Whitaker even more.

    Yes, maybe Anderson's face was scarred for life. However, I wish he would reflect upon things that he was no angel with his actions, and it was not like Whitaker came up behind him like a random inner city robbery/stabbing and got Anderson for no reason whatsoever. I mean there were negative actions that Anderson exhibited during that pickup game too, and according to Whitaker, the trigger for the even that made this story possible.

    Also, Whitaker was brand new to campus, and a group of, to no surprise, big headed (egotistical) football players were bullying him in a sense. I'd likely have armed myself and reacted similar to Whitaker too, because y'all know, that it is highly unlikely that any of them would be fair and square, and without an audience in a fight. In that case, it is likely that I am not going to able to whip them all together either, in defense. I mean if I was an all-american basketball player, I couldn't risk them possibly beating me to a pulp and ruining my life and dream career either, so I'd make protective preparations too.

    You know, it is unfortunate, but, if Anderson was never stabbed by Whitaker, then it is very likely Whitaker may have ended up similar or worse than Anderson.
    I mean c'mon now, Whitaker did serve a punishment for it, and did everything he could to make amends with Anderson. I am sure that with time Anderson's scar will diminish some, and there may even be a way a doctor can improve it. For example, one of my doctors said they could make my knee replacement scar look better, so.... that's all besides the point of this incident anyway.

    These days, the popular way for person with Whitaker's and Anderson's demographics (not just race), at the time of the incident, is to exact revenge and fatally shoot for 'satisfaction'. It kind of appears to me that Anderson may still go by that 'street code', if he is unable to forgive even a little. I don't know but it seems that there is just too much pride within Anderson. I just wish he would let it go for once, recall the incident with objectivity, and give Whitaker some type of hint of clemency.

    A sufficient tribute to Whitaker's attempts at mitigation regarding that dreaded yet lamentable reaction that day, would surely be a commendable gesture for Anderson to engage in one day soon or, better yet, today .