Thursday, November 03, 2011

Impressions from the Blue White Scrimmage

The big wow of the evening went to Sam Prescott. The transfer from Marist is a real scorer and he showed an ability defensively as well. Unfortunately, he has to sit out due to NCAA transfer rules but he'll make an impact as soon as he appears next year. He shoots with range, can get to the tin and has a nice ability to shoot off the dribble. I thought he was the best player on the floor tonight.

Both Raven Barber and Jacolby Wells played well. Danny Thompson also did the things that we've come to expect from Thompson. Even with the departure of Shawn Atupem, I think those three have nailed down most of the time inside - although Kristian Krajina may get some minutes in the post. I liked what I saw of the freshman Taylor Danaher - although his best days are clearly in front of him and he seems a likely redshirt candidate.

Rashad Whack is also going to be a factor for this team when he becomes eligible next year. I don't think he's as explosive offensively as Prescott but he'll be a player in this league.

I still think that this year's team will need to find a consistent second shooter behind Julian Norfleet. Freshman Kelvin Parker, who should see minutes, could become that. Obviously, Lamar Trice has the ability to knock down the open jump shot as well, and Josh Castellanos made his only three he attempted.

Still it is going to be a very small team on the floor if Coach Robert Burke has to play with three guards on the floor. The only real option on the wing - with true wing size is Xavier Owens the freshman from Florida. I thought he showed flashes during this scrimmage - however asking him to contribute this early will be a big task.

Guard play should be the strength of this team, but there is certainly still work to be done. Freshman point guard Chad Holley will likely move into the mix quickly and can be someone who can run the offense.

The Mount will scrimmage Youngstown State in a closed door event on Saturday before opening the season next Friday at Marquette.

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  1. Raff or anyone else who attended the scrimmage, what do you expect from the team this year? Are the NEC predictions pretty accurate or do you think they'll surprise some people? Do you expect Parker and/or Owens to be a significant contributors or will it be the returning players that handle most of the scoring?

    I'm excited for the season, but Burke's comments in the local papers tempered my expectations. It seems like he doesn't expect this team to be that good. What do you think? Do we have to wait till next year to be a real factor in the conference?

    What's the starting line up going to be? Personally, I'd like to see Trice handle the ball less and be more of a 2 guard. I think he's a good scorer, but he often tries to do to much when he's the primary ball handler and forces some shots. Will he play much point this year with Castellanos and Holley being true points?

  2. So im wondering did Christian Crockett sign NLI yesterday or do The Mounties not get him now? Also any word what the line-up will be?

    I found some interesting info. on a NCAA site saying NEC COULD be adding a few schools for all sports....
    Delaware St.

    how accurate is that info?